Thursday, February 23, 2017

Who Says I'm Early?

[For those of you seeing a certain kind of candy at the grocery store. It's ok, you can eat it now.]

I think we might be a wee bit early this year Fred.
I'm sure it's fine.

Be early,
Or be late,
Don't worry
Don't hate.

Be friendly,
Be nice.
Ask once,
Thank twice.

Share liberally,
Be kind,
Don't yell,
Open your mind.

Be free,
Be happy,
Being nice,
Isn't sappy.

Share a meal,
Read a book,
Learn to dance,
Learn to cook.

Brave a storm,
Brave the wind,
Write a letter,
Post to send.

Hug your pal,
Hug your friend,
Hug a stranger,
Go where you haven't been.

Learn a lesson,
Try something new.
Learn to listen,
Try a few.

Be you.

[ And eat candy, it's very important. ]
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