Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pulling in The Ranks

[A bit of strength in numbers, helps get work done.]

It was a misty day in crochet valley. And the chicks had been complaining of a smell most foul. At half past noon, Sir Pony of pony party pretty time received word of the discontent and decided it was time to bring the team together to address the situation. 

Friends and neighbors
Fans of chocolate and tea
We have a bit of a problem
And I'm hoping you'll join with me

There are bad winds I've heard
Wafting into town
Something unnatural is in the air
A stirring causing many a frown

So I ask you now
To join with me
Don't hide away
Don't flee

Join with me to address this mess
To make the choices that need making
And to get us back to giving, not taking.

Together we can make an impact
Together we can change course
Together we can steer our community
Together we can fight off this force.

Together we are better
And stonger than before
Together we become something
So much more.

[Yeah, team work. Like that time when my son went on a Napoleonic tirade/tantrum and we all had to work together to get the house put back together.]
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