Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Remembering the Past

[Got up, fed the kids, got them ready for school. School is closed today for President's day. They forgot to update the school calendar. Sigh.]

A leader, a guide, a brave individual who stands up, rather than hide.
Someone who cares deeply, about one and all.
A champion that does not cower, but stands tall.
An intelligent person, knowledgeable in all things.
Maybe not an expert, but willing to listen as an expert sings.
A decision maker tried and true,
Listing to me, listening to you.
A fare person, a thoughtful thinker,
With our lives, they chose not to tinker.
A caring soul, not selfish, not at all.

Bravery is lost when the individual's rights are tossed.
Valor is not a thing, when the people cannot sing.
A treasure is not won, when it can't be shared with everyone.
Peace is just a dream in the sky, until everyone gets a piece of pie. 

Of the Presidents that have passed,
They tried to think of us, even to the last.
They took action,
And at times, their success, had traction.
They made changes for the better,
To bring health to all and entice better weather.

A champion of the people,
A leader to one and all,
In history, The President, stood tall.
Against injustice,
Against hate,
Against the forces,
That try to sway fate.

We honor the past,
We search for the future,
We raise our voices,
Because democracy cannot survive,
Without people to nurture. 
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