Friday, February 3, 2017

I'm Sticking with You

[The Superbowl is coming up, lots of prepping to do. I'm inviting everyone, no need to be picky about football fans. We're all one color Sunday night, right y'all? Yeah, blue, red, silver, and white.... :)]

This cold day is getting darker.
The wind is blowing more than before.
I'm getting colder by the second,
But I'm standing, to help you ask for more.

Why should I get all the blanket,
Why should I have a fancy coat.
I'm no different than you at all,
But apparently I'm more deserving of all this bloat?

I don't want to have more when you have none.
I want to share!
So that we both have some.

I want you to get what you need.
Instead of me always having what I want.
I want equality,
If I may be so blunt.

My fingers are a bit chilly.
And my nose has begun to run.
But It's worth it to me to be here,
Standing up, instead of out having fun.

Because we're in this together.
Ready to stand tall as one.
And together we're going to make a difference.
Not just for you or me, but everyone. 

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