Wednesday, February 8, 2017

If I Was Going

[Not going on a trip, but wouldn't that be nice?]

If I were setting sail on the sea,
Or headed out west.
I'd bring my camera with me.
And I'd dress my best

Might as well stay home.
No success to be had,
When you look a bit shabby
And smell really bad.

If I were beginning my journey
Starting my trek,
I'd bring a first aid kit
In case I broke my neck.

No journey to be had.
No success to be found,
If you've fallen over
And you're stuck on the ground.

If I were off to discover
On a path to enlighten,
I'd bring my flashlight for sure,
So that everything I could brighten.

A path you can't find,
A route unmarked,
You might as well turn around
If you can't find it in the dark.

And lastly, but of utmost importance,

If I were off to a new path,
A different way for sure.
I'd bring you and my friends,
Because happiness is better with more.

[Happy Wednesday, a good day for friends.]
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