Thursday, February 2, 2017

I Will Meet You There, But I Demand You Be Fair

[I like purple, it's a happy color]

I am big,
I am tall.
I am so much bigger,
Than you, you're small.

I command the room,
I lead with power,
I march in front,
Compared to you, I'm louder.

I won't trip today,
I won't fall tomorrow,
I'm looking out for me,
You're hoping to avoid sorrow.

Everyone look at me!
I am so great,
The greatest there is,
That is my fate.


I am so small,
And I don't stand tall,
My stature is low,
But I'll still answer the call.

My courage overshadows me,
My courage fills me up,
I may be small,
But your courage would fill this cup.

I'm not afraid,
I'm not pushed back,
I'm going to point out,
All the things you lack.

We could be friends,
You and me,
But we can't have that,
If you can't set me free.

A few angry words,
Some mean sentiments,
Are worse than shoes,
Made of dried cement.

Meet me at dawn,
Meet me in the day,
But meet me in the middle,
Or we both won't play. 
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