Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Been Together Too Long

[Gosh, what day could it be me? Something special, but what is it?]

We've been together for nearly 40 years. Silly kids turned into serious peers. We laugh and fight, we get a long great. Because you're my friend, my companion, my mate. We skipped the silly stuff and avoided the fluff, I challenged you and you called my bluff. We'll continue on for days and years, we'll rock this place and face all fears. We'll stand together side-by-side and won't back down, won't abide. We'll challenge all, we'll stand up tall, we'll stand up for others, we'll be there for all. We'll share our strength, our love, and compassion, we'll do it with skill and excellent fashion. We'll show the world how friends get it done, loving each and loving everyone. We'll scale each wall, face each fear, we'll do it every minute, each day, all year. And we'll be there for you too, if you give us time. We're out there showing love on Valentine's. 

[Happy Valentine's Day all!! Hope you have a fun day and eat some Chocolates!]
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