Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Kitten Chases

[It's Tuesday and the week is just starting for some, guess we better get out there and have some fun.... e'hem, working.]

I like to work more than play
I gladly work, every day.
In sun and shine, 
A day so fine,
I'd gladly go
Work my time.

Work is bliss,
I'd never miss.
Filing that, 
Filing this.

A good days work,
Getting things done.
I never finish,
But I've already won.

Outdoors in the garden,
Comfy at my desk,
Chasing after kids,
Picking up someone's mess.
Writing a long story,
Picking out a dress,
Helping take some pictures,
Cooking my finest.

It doesn't matter the job,
Or place.
Working can be awesome
Just check the smile on my face.

[yes, yes, not ALWAYS true, but we gotta reach for the stars right?]

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