Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Day of Mistery

[I couldn't find my pen today.]

I was a bit lost today.
I couldn't find my way.

I looked all around 
But didn't recognize what I found.

I didn't see my things.
Nothing had that familiar ring.

And just at the back of my mind
I wondered if I'd ever get out of this bind.

I thought I had a bag,
But there was nothing but this rag.

And the cloth I thought was a sheet,
Was really some leaves at my feet.

I was getting rather distressed,
Until.. and I really must confess.

I looked at how I dressed.
And well, you've probably guessed the rest.

It was a dream.
"gah!" I let out with a scream. 

[It was that kind of day.]
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