Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Crab in the Water

[When the waters get choppy, bring a martini- better shaken, not stirred.]

I ordered my drink with no lemon,
I received lemonade.
I asked for a cute bob,
I was given a wave with a fade.
I picked fushia for my cake,
And received Pepto Pink instead.
I bought mom a green dress for the wedding,
She showed up in red.
I asked for no green beans please,
I received copious snap peas.
I pleaded for a polite simple toast,
I received a bawdy roast.
I ordered a fancy white carriage,
I received a crazy entry into marriage.

I laughed all night long,
Because I got you and this song.
And we haven't ever not gotten along.

[I'm liking this current, let's point this thing south and keep goin']

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