Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reaching Ever Higher

[I have to say, some days I just coast and I think that's ok. I want to try my best every day, but I don't feel my best every day so I just can't get there. But that doesn't mean I give up entirely. I never give up entirely. I just plot instead of do. It's essentially the same thing except plotting sounds cooler then laying around staring at the cats.] 

I fell to the ground the other day. I was walking along and then down I went and there I lay. I thought quite a lot about why I was there. And there was a moment when I thought it certainly was unfair. There were times when I thought I'd just stay. And there were times when I screamed to the sky, not me, no way.  But I knew to the depths of who I am, that if I didn't pull myself up, then I'd just be back down there again. So with my hands I dug in and from the dirty ground is where this story begins. I embarked on a journey that day. A journey that through highs and lows, would show me my way. I suffered many an agonizing defeat, but each time I fell down, I renewed my struggle to my feet. And when I managed to rise to my knees, I knew deep down, that eventually I'd succeed. With each retreat I grew ever stronger, building upon bravery, not fearful any longer. And where my energy was sapped, bravery gave me all of that back. It filled me up with courage and resolve. This torture, this trap, I was surely going to solve. I had all the tools I needed, and with my new confidence I succeeded. In one last shattering gasp, I was back upon my feet at last. I breathed in cool air again, not dirtied by the ground at my chin. The wind gently brushed along my ear. I felt exhilaration now, not fear. I'd faced a true test of will, and I had succeeded and it had given me a thrill. I think now, I will try to climb over this next hill. 

[See, the struggle for elephants is real.]

Monday, February 27, 2017

A Snack Before Dawn

[Another good weekend, it might just be spring. I'm very hesitantly calling this spring.]

A little snack before dawn.
A bit of a bite can't be wrong.
I've got a day packed with tasks.
A little snack is all I ask.
So many chores to get done.
I just need a snack, just one.
A sweet bite of cheer.
Might keep me going, oh dear.
This might be too much.
Ok, wish me luck.

[He's hoping you got that snack.]

Friday, February 24, 2017

One Two Three

[A little strength in numbers I think.]

One. A little bean.
A baby owlie one.
Such a cutie hootie,
Such a bundle of fun.

Two. All strength and power.
Encased in love and hope.
A burly beauty bounty.
Who never says nope.

Three. So sweet and kind.
A beacon for all and one.
A bringer of equality.
For me and you a ton.

A family together.
Each for all and one.
Nothing can rip them apart.
Because together again they come.

 [Have a wonderful, awesome, exciting, revitalizing, rejuvenating weekend.]

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Who Says I'm Early?

[For those of you seeing a certain kind of candy at the grocery store. It's ok, you can eat it now.]

I think we might be a wee bit early this year Fred.
I'm sure it's fine.

Be early,
Or be late,
Don't worry
Don't hate.

Be friendly,
Be nice.
Ask once,
Thank twice.

Share liberally,
Be kind,
Don't yell,
Open your mind.

Be free,
Be happy,
Being nice,
Isn't sappy.

Share a meal,
Read a book,
Learn to dance,
Learn to cook.

Brave a storm,
Brave the wind,
Write a letter,
Post to send.

Hug your pal,
Hug your friend,
Hug a stranger,
Go where you haven't been.

Learn a lesson,
Try something new.
Learn to listen,
Try a few.

Be you.

[ And eat candy, it's very important. ]

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Crab in the Water

[When the waters get choppy, bring a martini- better shaken, not stirred.]

I ordered my drink with no lemon,
I received lemonade.
I asked for a cute bob,
I was given a wave with a fade.
I picked fushia for my cake,
And received Pepto Pink instead.
I bought mom a green dress for the wedding,
She showed up in red.
I asked for no green beans please,
I received copious snap peas.
I pleaded for a polite simple toast,
I received a bawdy roast.
I ordered a fancy white carriage,
I received a crazy entry into marriage.

I laughed all night long,
Because I got you and this song.
And we haven't ever not gotten along.

[I'm liking this current, let's point this thing south and keep goin']

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Kitten Chases

[It's Tuesday and the week is just starting for some, guess we better get out there and have some fun.... e'hem, working.]

I like to work more than play
I gladly work, every day.
In sun and shine, 
A day so fine,
I'd gladly go
Work my time.

Work is bliss,
I'd never miss.
Filing that, 
Filing this.

A good days work,
Getting things done.
I never finish,
But I've already won.

Outdoors in the garden,
Comfy at my desk,
Chasing after kids,
Picking up someone's mess.
Writing a long story,
Picking out a dress,
Helping take some pictures,
Cooking my finest.

It doesn't matter the job,
Or place.
Working can be awesome
Just check the smile on my face.

[yes, yes, not ALWAYS true, but we gotta reach for the stars right?]

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Remembering the Past

[Got up, fed the kids, got them ready for school. School is closed today for President's day. They forgot to update the school calendar. Sigh.]

A leader, a guide, a brave individual who stands up, rather than hide.
Someone who cares deeply, about one and all.
A champion that does not cower, but stands tall.
An intelligent person, knowledgeable in all things.
Maybe not an expert, but willing to listen as an expert sings.
A decision maker tried and true,
Listing to me, listening to you.
A fare person, a thoughtful thinker,
With our lives, they chose not to tinker.
A caring soul, not selfish, not at all.

Bravery is lost when the individual's rights are tossed.
Valor is not a thing, when the people cannot sing.
A treasure is not won, when it can't be shared with everyone.
Peace is just a dream in the sky, until everyone gets a piece of pie. 

Of the Presidents that have passed,
They tried to think of us, even to the last.
They took action,
And at times, their success, had traction.
They made changes for the better,
To bring health to all and entice better weather.

A champion of the people,
A leader to one and all,
In history, The President, stood tall.
Against injustice,
Against hate,
Against the forces,
That try to sway fate.

We honor the past,
We search for the future,
We raise our voices,
Because democracy cannot survive,
Without people to nurture. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

My Way Day

[Today is in fact, My Way Day. Which is perfect because it is also, finally Friday Day and Thank Goodness the week is Over Day.]

I'm a fan of the favorites,
A bit of spice is divine,
I do love chocolate,
I want it to be all mine.

I like a bit of rocky road,
A slice of apple pie.
But never never cinnamon,
It gets up your nose, and then Oh my!

A cup of hot coffee
With a splash of creme liquor,
A few biscotti, extra crunchy
Makes me scream for more!

Freshly baked pound cake,
With a side of fresh whipped cream
A bowl of strawberries,
With a touch of vanilla bean.

And don't forget the bonbons
With lovely cream filled hearts,
They make you happy from the inside out,
Fruity, chocolate, and even extra tart.

[At the end of the day, just do it your way.]

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Day of Mistery

[I couldn't find my pen today.]

I was a bit lost today.
I couldn't find my way.

I looked all around 
But didn't recognize what I found.

I didn't see my things.
Nothing had that familiar ring.

And just at the back of my mind
I wondered if I'd ever get out of this bind.

I thought I had a bag,
But there was nothing but this rag.

And the cloth I thought was a sheet,
Was really some leaves at my feet.

I was getting rather distressed,
Until.. and I really must confess.

I looked at how I dressed.
And well, you've probably guessed the rest.

It was a dream.
"gah!" I let out with a scream. 

[It was that kind of day.]

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Flowers Of Course Included

[A few flowers in winter are a nice surprise.]

Bright blooms in winter,
A soothing color so bright.
A pretty bouquet.
To make you feel alright.

A flowery collection
Of petals all new
Tiny blooms
In every hue. 

My cheerful greeting.
For you today.
A happy moment,
To make you say Huray!

[Wishing you some happy blooms :)]

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Been Together Too Long

[Gosh, what day could it be me? Something special, but what is it?]

We've been together for nearly 40 years. Silly kids turned into serious peers. We laugh and fight, we get a long great. Because you're my friend, my companion, my mate. We skipped the silly stuff and avoided the fluff, I challenged you and you called my bluff. We'll continue on for days and years, we'll rock this place and face all fears. We'll stand together side-by-side and won't back down, won't abide. We'll challenge all, we'll stand up tall, we'll stand up for others, we'll be there for all. We'll share our strength, our love, and compassion, we'll do it with skill and excellent fashion. We'll show the world how friends get it done, loving each and loving everyone. We'll scale each wall, face each fear, we'll do it every minute, each day, all year. And we'll be there for you too, if you give us time. We're out there showing love on Valentine's. 

[Happy Valentine's Day all!! Hope you have a fun day and eat some Chocolates!]

Monday, February 13, 2017

Down From the Clouds

[What a great, warm, sunny, somewhat rainy, but the way nice weekend. Right?]

I fly up high,
I soar down low.
I go to heights
That no one goes.
I buzz the grass,
I fly real fast.
I fell down once,
And won a cast.

Do I worry?
Yes I do.
I fly really fast!
Wouldn't you?

But the speed
The wind,
The smell of sky
It's worth the risk
To soar up high.

[Take a risk or two! might be fun :)]

Friday, February 10, 2017

We are Pretty Special

[I just love family time, don't you?]

I'm average height, 
My husband is tall. 
My kids are still tiny, 
not tall at all.

I love them to pieces,
Each and every bit.
Apart we're different,
Together we fit.

We are each unique,
Special and true.
And I'm glad we all know,
What you already knew.

That being a family,
Is more than just genes,
Its the strength of the feeling,
That keeps us locked at the seams.

[Happy Friday to my crochet valley fans. Have a great (hopefully not snow buried) weekend!] 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pulling in The Ranks

[A bit of strength in numbers, helps get work done.]

It was a misty day in crochet valley. And the chicks had been complaining of a smell most foul. At half past noon, Sir Pony of pony party pretty time received word of the discontent and decided it was time to bring the team together to address the situation. 

Friends and neighbors
Fans of chocolate and tea
We have a bit of a problem
And I'm hoping you'll join with me

There are bad winds I've heard
Wafting into town
Something unnatural is in the air
A stirring causing many a frown

So I ask you now
To join with me
Don't hide away
Don't flee

Join with me to address this mess
To make the choices that need making
And to get us back to giving, not taking.

Together we can make an impact
Together we can change course
Together we can steer our community
Together we can fight off this force.

Together we are better
And stonger than before
Together we become something
So much more.

[Yeah, team work. Like that time when my son went on a Napoleonic tirade/tantrum and we all had to work together to get the house put back together.]

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

If I Was Going

[Not going on a trip, but wouldn't that be nice?]

If I were setting sail on the sea,
Or headed out west.
I'd bring my camera with me.
And I'd dress my best

Might as well stay home.
No success to be had,
When you look a bit shabby
And smell really bad.

If I were beginning my journey
Starting my trek,
I'd bring a first aid kit
In case I broke my neck.

No journey to be had.
No success to be found,
If you've fallen over
And you're stuck on the ground.

If I were off to discover
On a path to enlighten,
I'd bring my flashlight for sure,
So that everything I could brighten.

A path you can't find,
A route unmarked,
You might as well turn around
If you can't find it in the dark.

And lastly, but of utmost importance,

If I were off to a new path,
A different way for sure.
I'd bring you and my friends,
Because happiness is better with more.

[Happy Wednesday, a good day for friends.]

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

[It's a day for pasta. 'nuf said]

Be it red or white, cold or hot, meaty or not,
Pasta has got.
My heart. 

It's subtle flair,
It's spicy scent,
It's universally

Be it grandma, or momma, or pop, or son,
There's a good memory there for everyone.
Make it your 'unique dish.'
Make it everyone's top wish.
Make it with seafood, like fish.

And pair it with a lovely drink,
Maybe some punch,
or wine I think.

And then savor each bite,
Because you've gotten it just right.
And then just have it every night.

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day.

[mmmm, alfredo.....flat spaghetti :)]

Sunday, February 5, 2017

I Watched the Game

[The roar of the crowd was impressive and I wasn't even at the game.]

I was there watching as history was made.
A few good catches,
Turned lemons into lemonade.
And while some were left at a loss,
We excelled with one unbelievable toss.
And not a word was spoken,
About that catch, which was SMOKIN'!
Good players, Good team.
Both were fair to each other,
Not mean.
And it was a game in the end,
That people could walk away from,
Still friends.
So go team! And go us!
That game was FABULOUS!

[Livin' it up today. Gotta enjoy the small (or in the case HUGE) victories.]

Friday, February 3, 2017

I'm Sticking with You

[The Superbowl is coming up, lots of prepping to do. I'm inviting everyone, no need to be picky about football fans. We're all one color Sunday night, right y'all? Yeah, blue, red, silver, and white.... :)]

This cold day is getting darker.
The wind is blowing more than before.
I'm getting colder by the second,
But I'm standing, to help you ask for more.

Why should I get all the blanket,
Why should I have a fancy coat.
I'm no different than you at all,
But apparently I'm more deserving of all this bloat?

I don't want to have more when you have none.
I want to share!
So that we both have some.

I want you to get what you need.
Instead of me always having what I want.
I want equality,
If I may be so blunt.

My fingers are a bit chilly.
And my nose has begun to run.
But It's worth it to me to be here,
Standing up, instead of out having fun.

Because we're in this together.
Ready to stand tall as one.
And together we're going to make a difference.
Not just for you or me, but everyone. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I Will Meet You There, But I Demand You Be Fair

[I like purple, it's a happy color]

I am big,
I am tall.
I am so much bigger,
Than you, you're small.

I command the room,
I lead with power,
I march in front,
Compared to you, I'm louder.

I won't trip today,
I won't fall tomorrow,
I'm looking out for me,
You're hoping to avoid sorrow.

Everyone look at me!
I am so great,
The greatest there is,
That is my fate.


I am so small,
And I don't stand tall,
My stature is low,
But I'll still answer the call.

My courage overshadows me,
My courage fills me up,
I may be small,
But your courage would fill this cup.

I'm not afraid,
I'm not pushed back,
I'm going to point out,
All the things you lack.

We could be friends,
You and me,
But we can't have that,
If you can't set me free.

A few angry words,
Some mean sentiments,
Are worse than shoes,
Made of dried cement.

Meet me at dawn,
Meet me in the day,
But meet me in the middle,
Or we both won't play. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I Say It

I may never meet you.
I may never see you.
I may never hear you.
But I know you.

It doesn't matter the color of your skin,
The clothes your in,
Whether you lean out or lean in,
I know you.

You're going to run if I yell fire,
Help me change a flat tire,
And stick up for me against a denier.
I know you.

And you know me too.
I'm the one who's going to stick up for you.

Community is stronger than one person.
No matter where that community occurs in.

And together we can achieve so much.
Spread acceptance with just one touch.
Helping others in a clutch.

So let's show them just how much.
I know you.
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