Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Proper Planning for a Hike

[LPT: When wandering the park, be wary of baby owls]

We march in twos,
We listen to no rules
You might think you control us,
But we take no cues.

We go out together
In good or bad weather.
We search for yum goodies,
In your bags and your sweater. 

We work as a team.
We're nice, not mean
But we'll get what we want.
Some yummy seeds with a nice sheen.

A few crumbs, some bread.
A yummy mouse, just dead.
Anything you have
To us, can happily be fed. 

We await you happily traveler.
Await you with glee.
Don't forget the yummies,
And few bits of seed.

[And also, you should probably pack a few snacks for owls in your bags when you go out hiking. It's just good planning.]

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