Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Let Me Tell You

[Back at work and back to business. Getting stuff done, you'all are my witness.]

A little lightening of the basket I think.

Bring me your hungry,
Your famished and hollow.
I've got great food
They can chew on and swallow.
A little apple here.
Some pineapple a plenty.
All for free, I've got more then twenty.

Bring me your happy,
Cheerful and new,
Little kiddos
Looking for sweets to chew.
I've got grapes and oranges, 
And plenty of pears.
I've got some here
And a few other there.

So come meet me
And get a few eats.
I've got many fruits
And they double as sweets. 

[That is much better, Thanks all :)]

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