Friday, January 20, 2017

Just the Two of a Kind

[Just two friends hanging out in crochet valley.]

There's no difference between me and you.
Except you are gray and I'm partly blue.
What's in a color, what's in a hue?
If we're not the same,
What are we to do?

There's no difference between our needs.
I want fish, and you want seeds.
And who knows where our hunger leads.
I just go where my stomach heeds

There's no difference I see,
No difference can there be.
Between someone so special,
And someone like me.
I think we both deserve to be happy and free.

So let's celebrate us, the same so true.
Let's form an alliance, where the same is new
And we'll be one, together and apart.
And we'll invite others to be together with us too.

[Happy January everyone, have a nice, hopefully not to chilly weekend.] 

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