Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Inviting Them All

I invited Olivia to the party.
She's great, such a smarty.
And Patrick came along,
I'm glad, is that wrong?
More the merrier I say.
And Josh! Hey!
Amil, so happy to see.
And wonderful, you brought Emily.
And soon will come Kate,
She's my fancy date.
Snacks from Raoul and Mike,
Khalil is bringing punch, just right.
Soda from Kris and Karl,
Candy from Linda, but no Parl.
He's ill.
 Poor guy usually eats all the chips with dill.

I invited the whole world.
A little fun unfurled.
A little togetherness and shared stories.
Only happy ones, nothing gory.
And laughing, lots of that.
I think we all could use a good chat. 
A little shared and a little borrowed.
A little less of that sad and sorrowed.
I've got light to share,
If you've run out over there.
Just stop by on your way.
I'll be here for you every day. 

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