Thursday, January 26, 2017

Headed out to sea? Not me.

[This are getting choppy around here.]

Don't let life chase you out to sea. I'm here. See?
I'm not much I know, but I'll hold your hand and you can go slow.
It's rough terrain these days, but I'll be with you, just in case.
What do you say? Will you come back, will you stay?
Don't let today scare you away from tomorrow. Happiness can balance sorrow
Joy can balance pain. A cheerful word, works just the same.
Let me be there for you. I know you'd be there for me too.
And we can get through, together. Me and you.
We are better
We can face this weather.
We gain strength in our tether.
And together we will remain
Until someone stops this rain.

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