Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Flowers for You

[I have to admit, today's the day. It's official, 37 years have past and I feel good, happy, enthusiastic, and am going to keep spreading some cheer. Because I need it, maybe you need it, and the world needs happy encouraging thoughts. Happy Birthday to all the January Babies!!]

Today I light a candle.
Today I wrap some gifts.
I will be bringing them to you.
Though some are hard to lift.
They are filled with all my wishes.
For you in this new year.
And I hope you'll take them kindly.
I'm giving them with only good cheer.
I want you to be happy.
And enthusiastic for each day.
I want you to see good things.
And each day run into the fray.
And at every event this year, 
I wish you:
A little spark of encouragement,
A glimmer of hope and goodwill,
A happy moment for you and yours,
All those you hold dear. 
A moment to rejoice,
A moment to celebrate
Because today is your birthday
And today is going to be great.

[Happy birthday to my lovely twin sister, my awesome older brother, to all those January Birthdays and all those who just wanted a special day. Have some cake and celebrate, 'cause you are awesome.]
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