Thursday, January 5, 2017

Been There in January

[It's going to be very chilly this weekend, it may even snow! Brrrr]

The cold creeps in and smothers the warmth.
The sheets and blankets become uninviting.
My toes cry out, for an extra bit of help.
And my whole body aches for a sunlight sighting.

But my friend arrives
With a warm winter hug
It's a cold cold day
Except for us, playing games on the rug

The hot cocoa steams gently
Made with care by the fire
And at the end of the day.
I'm ready to retire.

But my fiend arrives
And cheers me to no end.
It gives me strength for tomorrow.
Because spring isn't quite around the bend. 

A little kindness warms.
Generosity creates a glow.
Friendship keeps things going.
So off off I go. 

[Mmmmm hot chocolate. So good on a cold winter night. And cookies! yup, love cookies.]

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