Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Whale or Two

[Half way through January, it's getting very exciting. Next month is Valentine's day, then we have St. Patrick's Day, and then Fat Tuesday is in there some where. Wonderful! And awards season with all the lovely dresses and yes, let's not forget - the super bowl is coming up! It's the only way to get through all this cold weather!]

He was a large green creature that came out of the depths. He was cranky and mean, and always wept. He was angry at everyone, happy with none. He blamed me and Aunt Bee, he blamed everyone. He needed something or someone or somewhere to be, but he couldn't find anything, except me and Aunt Bee. So he hollered and bellowed, and made himself one scary fellow and we ran like mom was calling and she had a bowl of sweet jello. But as fast as we went, as quick as we scurried, we just couldn't get away from his footsteps so hurried. He was gaining on us, and he looked awfully upset. We were running out out room to run, our speed seemed well met. But then there was a noise, let never I'd heard and mom came out of nowhere, all disheveled and unfurled. She stood up the creature, setting her stance just so, and she didn't back down, but his steps did surely slow. She stared at him intently, challenging his gate, and after several long pauses, he slowed his rate. And then, just as quickly as he had given chase, off into the distance did he race. 

Be this a lesson to you, sweet baby of mine. If you see an agree creature, start running! Don't waste any time. 

Mom, I love your fish stories.

[I do love a good tale don't you?]
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