Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Few Good Friends

[When in doubt, bring in reinforcements.]

Today is the wonderful event,
Where I get all the cards that are sent.
And I get the laughter humor and fun.
I get hugs and presents from everyone.
I get to feel special and cool and unique
And I don't get stuck cleaning dishes in the sink.
Because today is my day.
My special day. 
Where I get to be all that I can be so Yeah!

Oh wait...

Tomorrow is the day.
The special day.
Where I get to laugh while the kids play
And I get to eat cake
And drink too much juice.
Then follow it all with a chocolately Baby Ruth.
Because today is that special date.
Where my mom looked down on me and said it was fate
Where my dad held me close and said 'love you' dude
And I didn't at all, think it was rude.

[Happy day to everyone!!]
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