Monday, January 9, 2017

A Brrrrr-eezy day

[It's gotten cold here in New England. Ok, close to New England. It's actually complete freezing in New England. I'm slightly more south, but I'm still freezing. I don't know how football players do it. I know they're running around and so, are probably at least a little warm. But really?! I think they must be like frozen ice cubes running into each other.]

In the winter I hide. I do not awake. I close my eyes and await the breeze of a summer lake.
In the winter I do not sleep. I doze. I'm thinking of the summer beauty that's come to a close.
In the winter I hope for spring. And summer too. I await the time when I'll be closer to you.
In the winter I rest. And do my best. To be patient for the summer fest.
And then I'll awake and depart my home!
And in the summer breeze I'll roam.
And in the bright brilliant light I'll exclaim!
There really isn't anything quite the same.

[Happy winter weather everyone!! Hope you're staying warm.]
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