Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Bite out of the Day

[I just wanted to share with you my love of carrots. Most people like the raw, and they are quite good with ranch dressing, but steamed with cheese! so good.]

A little nibble at first 
Just a crunch or two.
A little bite now.
A little to share with you.

And there it is,
The first wonder of the world.
A crisp crunch.
Before full flavor is unfurled.

It's a pleasure for sure.
A real treat I attest.
It's so wonderfully orange.
Which really is the best.

Take away the color
And it's not quite right.
There's nothing better,
Than the taste of orange at night.

And the fact that the greens
Are attached at the top
Make this a winning dish.
Not a flop.

So stew me, make me,
Fry them up now.
Or serve them up raw.
The effect is still... POW.

[Happy crunching!!]
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