Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Bit of New Year Fun

[Here's hoping that you all had a wonderful new years. I had a head cold, but I did get to see a few fireworks out my window and the ball drop. So good times!]

I may not be a strong willed lot,
But I'm happy now with what I've got.
I get my shoes on each day and week.
And I get the reward that I seek.
I work eight hours and bit more sometimes.
And I get to crochet and say some rhymes.
It's a happy time for me you see.
Lot's of fun, laughing and free. 

[Lot's of fun for 2017, I have high hopes and am going to stay positive if only to get you all smiling. So send me your ideals, inspiration, and fun and I'll keep rhyming for everyone.]
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