Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Inviting Them All

I invited Olivia to the party.
She's great, such a smarty.
And Patrick came along,
I'm glad, is that wrong?
More the merrier I say.
And Josh! Hey!
Amil, so happy to see.
And wonderful, you brought Emily.
And soon will come Kate,
She's my fancy date.
Snacks from Raoul and Mike,
Khalil is bringing punch, just right.
Soda from Kris and Karl,
Candy from Linda, but no Parl.
He's ill.
 Poor guy usually eats all the chips with dill.

I invited the whole world.
A little fun unfurled.
A little togetherness and shared stories.
Only happy ones, nothing gory.
And laughing, lots of that.
I think we all could use a good chat. 
A little shared and a little borrowed.
A little less of that sad and sorrowed.
I've got light to share,
If you've run out over there.
Just stop by on your way.
I'll be here for you every day. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Some Brightness

I'm sitting on the edge looking down into the abyss. And I'm seeing something awful, but I know it's easy to miss. It's easy to look away, pretend there's nothing at all. But the right thing to do is look, and to save others from the fall. You can't blind yourself to what's there, or pretend that you don't care. Because the hole remains each day, and will continue, no matter what you do or say. So say something, anything. Do something, anything. Let your opinion ring. We all might eventually fall, if you chose to say nothing.

Friday, January 27, 2017

I'm Gonna Brighten Up This Weekend

[A little hot cocoa sounds like a nice idea.]

Do not call the birds to me,
Set them free.
Set them free.
A chickadee, a sweeping swan, a chirping tweeter,
Just before down.
Do not call the birds I say.
Let them play.
Let them play.
I want to see them fly up high, to soar and sweep across the sky,
To gently glide to and fro, to go where I will never go.
Do not call the birds to me.
Can't you see.
They're so much better

[Fly little birdies and spread your wings out wide. Break some barriers, and learn to glide.]

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Headed out to sea? Not me.

[This are getting choppy around here.]

Don't let life chase you out to sea. I'm here. See?
I'm not much I know, but I'll hold your hand and you can go slow.
It's rough terrain these days, but I'll be with you, just in case.
What do you say? Will you come back, will you stay?
Don't let today scare you away from tomorrow. Happiness can balance sorrow
Joy can balance pain. A cheerful word, works just the same.
Let me be there for you. I know you'd be there for me too.
And we can get through, together. Me and you.
We are better
We can face this weather.
We gain strength in our tether.
And together we will remain
Until someone stops this rain.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Snug Corner to Hide

[This is how I crochet, hidden in a corner, wrapped in blankets, making another blanket, while thinking about blankets....oh and there's coffee.]

I snuck off alone in the middle of the day. I was at work, but what people thought, they didn't say.
I grabbed my tea, a delight you see, and I snuck off to a corner to just relax and be.
It's stressful you know? The ebb and the flow, the work work work, get up and go.
And I needed some time, to rest my mind, you can't spend forever, fighting in line.
It's good to take a moment, a second in a day, a moment so fleeting, but worth it I say. 
To clear the cobwebs, clear your mind.
So please
Just please
Take for yourself. Some time.

[I'm thinking a week, but it's all relative. Or depends on whether relatives are visiting.]

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Proper Planning for a Hike

[LPT: When wandering the park, be wary of baby owls]

We march in twos,
We listen to no rules
You might think you control us,
But we take no cues.

We go out together
In good or bad weather.
We search for yum goodies,
In your bags and your sweater. 

We work as a team.
We're nice, not mean
But we'll get what we want.
Some yummy seeds with a nice sheen.

A few crumbs, some bread.
A yummy mouse, just dead.
Anything you have
To us, can happily be fed. 

We await you happily traveler.
Await you with glee.
Don't forget the yummies,
And few bits of seed.

[And also, you should probably pack a few snacks for owls in your bags when you go out hiking. It's just good planning.]

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Meeting of the Minds

[I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Not too cold? oh good.]

How I do love pie, fruity and warm. With a side of ice cream, and a blanket on my arm. A cozy spot on the couch, a cup of tea. A nice book to read, something fun on TV. A free night all quiet, no little kids causing a riot. No dog barking non stop, no dirty dishes or pots. Just me on my own, completely alone, I don't about you, but I like this tone.

What are you talking about? We played poker this weekend!
Oh, well, I guess I imagined it then.

[Ahhh peace and quiet. Oh wait, it's Monday. Maybe this weekend!]

Friday, January 20, 2017

Just the Two of a Kind

[Just two friends hanging out in crochet valley.]

There's no difference between me and you.
Except you are gray and I'm partly blue.
What's in a color, what's in a hue?
If we're not the same,
What are we to do?

There's no difference between our needs.
I want fish, and you want seeds.
And who knows where our hunger leads.
I just go where my stomach heeds

There's no difference I see,
No difference can there be.
Between someone so special,
And someone like me.
I think we both deserve to be happy and free.

So let's celebrate us, the same so true.
Let's form an alliance, where the same is new
And we'll be one, together and apart.
And we'll invite others to be together with us too.

[Happy January everyone, have a nice, hopefully not to chilly weekend.] 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Whale or Two

[Half way through January, it's getting very exciting. Next month is Valentine's day, then we have St. Patrick's Day, and then Fat Tuesday is in there some where. Wonderful! And awards season with all the lovely dresses and yes, let's not forget - the super bowl is coming up! It's the only way to get through all this cold weather!]

He was a large green creature that came out of the depths. He was cranky and mean, and always wept. He was angry at everyone, happy with none. He blamed me and Aunt Bee, he blamed everyone. He needed something or someone or somewhere to be, but he couldn't find anything, except me and Aunt Bee. So he hollered and bellowed, and made himself one scary fellow and we ran like mom was calling and she had a bowl of sweet jello. But as fast as we went, as quick as we scurried, we just couldn't get away from his footsteps so hurried. He was gaining on us, and he looked awfully upset. We were running out out room to run, our speed seemed well met. But then there was a noise, let never I'd heard and mom came out of nowhere, all disheveled and unfurled. She stood up the creature, setting her stance just so, and she didn't back down, but his steps did surely slow. She stared at him intently, challenging his gate, and after several long pauses, he slowed his rate. And then, just as quickly as he had given chase, off into the distance did he race. 

Be this a lesson to you, sweet baby of mine. If you see an agree creature, start running! Don't waste any time. 

Mom, I love your fish stories.

[I do love a good tale don't you?]

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Not Sunny Enough for Tea

[It's a bit cold for picnic in the sun, but maybe a bit of a walk.]

A bite of cake,
A nip of tea,
A piece of pie,
For you and me.

It's cold outside,
But I don't care.
We're here together,
And I have a blanket to share.

We can watch the birds fly,
And the ants march on.
We can laugh at jokes,
And carry on.

We can chat it up,
And share some time.
We can relax together.
And that would be just fine.

[Fun times in the cold. I hope everyone is keeping warm!]

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Let Me Tell You

[Back at work and back to business. Getting stuff done, you'all are my witness.]

A little lightening of the basket I think.

Bring me your hungry,
Your famished and hollow.
I've got great food
They can chew on and swallow.
A little apple here.
Some pineapple a plenty.
All for free, I've got more then twenty.

Bring me your happy,
Cheerful and new,
Little kiddos
Looking for sweets to chew.
I've got grapes and oranges, 
And plenty of pears.
I've got some here
And a few other there.

So come meet me
And get a few eats.
I've got many fruits
And they double as sweets. 

[That is much better, Thanks all :)]

Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Looks Kindly

(I was home today. Spending time with my kids to ensure that they feel loved and valued. Today is a day where we remember someone special, someone who was not only brave, but who loved without reserve, and wanted something better for everyone in their life. And I hope that we'll get there, if only to prove that such a dream, isn't unachievable.)

One step at a time.
Like studying for a test,
Trying to do our best.
We try.

One step at a time,
Struggling through each turn,
Trying to remember what we learned.
We try.

One step at a time,
Picking up our friends.
We all need to reach the end.
We try.

We try
Because it's right.
Because good is better than might.
Because clarity is blinded sight.
Because we should back down because of fright.
We try
Because it's right.

[Happy happy Monday everyone. I hope you got to spend well needed time with friends and family and loved ones.]

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Two Ponies Together

Sweet ponies, in crochet. 
They like to scamper, 
They like to play.
In every color,
In every size.
They are easy to spot,
Very hard to hide.
Their cheerfulness is catching.
So you better watch out.
Their happiness will get you.
And never let you out.
They are especially enamored 
With orange crochet carrots.
They will neigh and below
And scurry around like ferrets
Until they find.
That special little treat.
That makes them happy
And complete.
Come to crochet valley
And meet our ponies Red and Blue.
They'll be happy to see the lovely,

[Happy Thursday! Happy scampering :)]

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Flowers for You

[I have to admit, today's the day. It's official, 37 years have past and I feel good, happy, enthusiastic, and am going to keep spreading some cheer. Because I need it, maybe you need it, and the world needs happy encouraging thoughts. Happy Birthday to all the January Babies!!]

Today I light a candle.
Today I wrap some gifts.
I will be bringing them to you.
Though some are hard to lift.
They are filled with all my wishes.
For you in this new year.
And I hope you'll take them kindly.
I'm giving them with only good cheer.
I want you to be happy.
And enthusiastic for each day.
I want you to see good things.
And each day run into the fray.
And at every event this year, 
I wish you:
A little spark of encouragement,
A glimmer of hope and goodwill,
A happy moment for you and yours,
All those you hold dear. 
A moment to rejoice,
A moment to celebrate
Because today is your birthday
And today is going to be great.

[Happy birthday to my lovely twin sister, my awesome older brother, to all those January Birthdays and all those who just wanted a special day. Have some cake and celebrate, 'cause you are awesome.]

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Few Good Friends

[When in doubt, bring in reinforcements.]

Today is the wonderful event,
Where I get all the cards that are sent.
And I get the laughter humor and fun.
I get hugs and presents from everyone.
I get to feel special and cool and unique
And I don't get stuck cleaning dishes in the sink.
Because today is my day.
My special day. 
Where I get to be all that I can be so Yeah!

Oh wait...

Tomorrow is the day.
The special day.
Where I get to laugh while the kids play
And I get to eat cake
And drink too much juice.
Then follow it all with a chocolately Baby Ruth.
Because today is that special date.
Where my mom looked down on me and said it was fate
Where my dad held me close and said 'love you' dude
And I didn't at all, think it was rude.

[Happy day to everyone!!]

Monday, January 9, 2017

A Brrrrr-eezy day

[It's gotten cold here in New England. Ok, close to New England. It's actually complete freezing in New England. I'm slightly more south, but I'm still freezing. I don't know how football players do it. I know they're running around and so, are probably at least a little warm. But really?! I think they must be like frozen ice cubes running into each other.]

In the winter I hide. I do not awake. I close my eyes and await the breeze of a summer lake.
In the winter I do not sleep. I doze. I'm thinking of the summer beauty that's come to a close.
In the winter I hope for spring. And summer too. I await the time when I'll be closer to you.
In the winter I rest. And do my best. To be patient for the summer fest.
And then I'll awake and depart my home!
And in the summer breeze I'll roam.
And in the bright brilliant light I'll exclaim!
There really isn't anything quite the same.

[Happy winter weather everyone!! Hope you're staying warm.]

Friday, January 6, 2017

I'm Climbing

[When the going gets tough. I just rise above.]

I'm not saying I'm plain. Not boring at all. But when the pests come circling, I don't answer the call. I'm not brave you see, not brave or courageous. I think the whole idea is utterly outrageous. I'll stick around, because I'm curious, but my avoidance of confrontation will make you furious. I'll stand aloft on a strategically placed ball. Or wall. Or anything high up so that I can see all. But I won't engage, or help in any way. Even to help myself and so eventually I'll pay. But as long you're here, helping me out, I feel that I can be me and I thank you for bringing that about.

[Be you. And have a fun weekend!]

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Been There in January

[It's going to be very chilly this weekend, it may even snow! Brrrr]

The cold creeps in and smothers the warmth.
The sheets and blankets become uninviting.
My toes cry out, for an extra bit of help.
And my whole body aches for a sunlight sighting.

But my friend arrives
With a warm winter hug
It's a cold cold day
Except for us, playing games on the rug

The hot cocoa steams gently
Made with care by the fire
And at the end of the day.
I'm ready to retire.

But my fiend arrives
And cheers me to no end.
It gives me strength for tomorrow.
Because spring isn't quite around the bend. 

A little kindness warms.
Generosity creates a glow.
Friendship keeps things going.
So off off I go. 

[Mmmmm hot chocolate. So good on a cold winter night. And cookies! yup, love cookies.]

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Bite out of the Day

[I just wanted to share with you my love of carrots. Most people like the raw, and they are quite good with ranch dressing, but steamed with cheese! so good.]

A little nibble at first 
Just a crunch or two.
A little bite now.
A little to share with you.

And there it is,
The first wonder of the world.
A crisp crunch.
Before full flavor is unfurled.

It's a pleasure for sure.
A real treat I attest.
It's so wonderfully orange.
Which really is the best.

Take away the color
And it's not quite right.
There's nothing better,
Than the taste of orange at night.

And the fact that the greens
Are attached at the top
Make this a winning dish.
Not a flop.

So stew me, make me,
Fry them up now.
Or serve them up raw.
The effect is still... POW.

[Happy crunching!!]

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Bit of New Year Fun

[Here's hoping that you all had a wonderful new years. I had a head cold, but I did get to see a few fireworks out my window and the ball drop. So good times!]

I may not be a strong willed lot,
But I'm happy now with what I've got.
I get my shoes on each day and week.
And I get the reward that I seek.
I work eight hours and bit more sometimes.
And I get to crochet and say some rhymes.
It's a happy time for me you see.
Lot's of fun, laughing and free. 

[Lot's of fun for 2017, I have high hopes and am going to stay positive if only to get you all smiling. So send me your ideals, inspiration, and fun and I'll keep rhyming for everyone.]
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