Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Did you talk about it?

I was there during the holidays. I saw the whole thing. Uncle Patrick got fed up
And let his opinions ring.
It was quite the ruckus...between him and Irene.
What I learned was plenty.
Of note
Uncle Patrick doesn't know a thing.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Crochet Penguin Pattern - Free Download

A new friend! Check out my newest FREE pattern!

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Hint: The pattern on the belly was made 1/2 through project using slip stitch. But you can crochet a circle and sew it on and it'd be just as cute!

A Day Amongst the Stars

What we have here 
Is what we had there
Except it's quite alien
This pair
A bit of a miss
A planet too far
A wreck of a day
Out by the farthest star
But it's good to know
Of earth or not
The same old things
Make people's temper

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Snack or Two

A few little bites would be so nice.
A sweet little something, just to entice.
A bit of savory over some rice.
Some lovely company
With a wee bit of spice.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Crochet Granny Square in Two Colors

Welcome! I have done one of these in a bit, thought it'd be fun to walk through the very enjoyable, always fun, granny square! Great for beginners, was actually the first thing I made into a blanket and is so versatile and beautiful. My granny square uses the Double Crochet stitch, will I will refer to as 'dc' in the below, and the chain stitch, referred to as 'ch.'

1. Chain 3. (you can also create a magic ring and do all the next steps, but this is the first way I learned to do it.)

2. Making your first double crochet: yarn over, insert hook in the third loop from the hook, pull through a loop, yarn over, pull through both loops on the hook to make your first double crochet.

3. Add 11 more double crochet stitches to the same loop.

4. Now to change colors and close the loop. Insert your hook in the first double crochet that you made (see step 1), and dropping the old color, grab your new color, and pull a loop though both gray loops.

5. Congrats, you have now changed colors. Chain 3. I don't use this as my first double crochet, some people do, I don't. It's a preference thing. You can all search the internet for tricks for hiding the chain or creating a double crochet without the chain 3. This is the easy way and still beautiful.

6. Make the first 1/2 of the first corner. Do this by adding 3 double crochet to the stitch you just used to switch to blue. It's your first double crochet from step 1.

7. Skip the next three dc from the previous row and in the 4th, add 3dc stitches, chain 1, and then add 3 more dc stitches. This forms your first full corner.

8. For the next corner: skip next 3 dc stitches, in 4th, add 3 dc, ch 1, 3dc.

9. Add one more corner

10. And now to finish the corner you started with. Add 3 dc to the same stitch that you started with and chain 1.

11. To close this row and head to the next, and to change colors again, insert your hook in the first dc that you made in that color - the one from step 5, drop the current color, grab the new color.

12. Yarn over and pull through both loops to close the square and change colors.

13. Ok, your square is bigger now and so there is one extra step you need to take and all future squares will be similar. Crochet the corners the same way (3dc, ch1, 3dc) with the first corner only have 3dc because you'll finish it when you make it all around the square. Then after the corner, skip 3 DC and add 3 dc to the space in between 3dc from the previous row. See how I did that in the picture? From now on, you're using the spaces in between the 3dc stitches to guide you. It makes it way easier to keep track of.

14. When you make it all the way around, you can cut the yarn and fasten it off. You can add another row, you can change colors. Skies the limit.

Would love to see pictures of your favorite granny square, share on my facebook page!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Post Halloween In the Sunlight

When wandering around, I failed to consider, I failed to recommend. That my stomach not consume the candy, until the very end. In fact I took part, more than once or twice, and after a night of sweets, my stomach does not feel nice. There were a few too many morsels, to pop into my mouth, and now my stomach is in knots, and I'm stuck whining in the house. I lay upon the floor, in a neat and orderly ball. But there will be no moving today, someone I hope, answers my call. I need a blanket and pillow for my head. I'm feeling quite unwell, and still dressed as one of the undead. I could do for a shower, a little heat to warm my skin. Alas there's no one coming, my family's visit some kin. So here I lay for hours, sleeping on and off, perhaps next year I'll recommend, not polishing the chocolates off.

[Happy Halloween!!!!]

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

From us to you
From you to me
From up to down
From A to Z
I'm wishing you
A happy day
Of scary monsters
Cheerful at play
Of candy of all shapes
And sizes
Of witches and zombies
When the moon rizes
Of giggles
Happy thoughts
Of scary ghouls
and robots
Happy Halloween to you
And you and you
And especially you.

[Happy Halloween all!!]

Monday, October 30, 2017

Sitting Alone

I could lift all the bales of hay
And stack them neat and clean
But you'd still ask for more
Because you're selfish and mean
I could write letters to all my friends
Call all my family twice
You'd still call me the mean one
Just to make yourself sound more nice
I could make you dinner
And a cake on an extra special day
You'd still complain the food was bad
And ask me to go away.
There's no pleasing you
No making you cheer
So I'm over it
I'm over you dear
I've got good people
Nice people
Ready to be my friend
So good bye forever
I hope our separation
Will never end.

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Weekend Ahead

It's Friday and I'm free. Ready to run, ready to be. There's a path out ahead, leading away, and I care not, where it goes today. Away, far away, I head out soon. Work today, ends at noon. The sun beckons me, the sunshine calls. I need to soak it in, before winter falls. When I begin to shiver, and cry in the wind. It will be sad to say goodbye, until hello again.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Come by to Visit

I do not take lightly the sensation you bring.
The warmth and completeness
That we lose in winter and gain in spring
The growth you inspire in the smallest of life
The happiness you bring
With each new life
You vaporize the lakes, springs, and streams
You use it to make water, 
And feed everything.
You humidify the air
So fog can form without a care
And you invite a rainbow
So that everyone can share.

The wind, the rain, the shining brightness in the sky
How wondrous is the sun
Way up, way up high.

[Oh yes, sunny mc'sun oh sonny, the sun.]

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Bit Warm for Octopii

On a warm sunny day in October
I looked over
And saw a sight I never see
Four little octopii
Looking right at me
They were lost and confused
Their tentacles, well used.
I offered them kindness
Their ink almost caused blindness
Never again will help an octopus.

[Beware of small creatures.]

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Chance Encounter

[Did you see that?]

I almost missed you
I almost walked on by
I can't blame bad vision
From the sun in the sky
You are a vision
A perfect example of me
I walked on by
Because I couldn't believe it could be
Another me in this world
Another to compare
I couldn't hope to wonder
Or dare
That you were there.
But here you are
Standing plain and true
And I can't wait
To get to know you.

you know I look nothing like you right?

[Sometimes bad vision is a good thing.]

Monday, October 23, 2017

Some Days, Just Crochet

[I need to follow my own advice.]

Crochet is relaxing
Crochet is fun
It can be done by children
Crochet comes in color
Or black and white
It can be done in daylight
Or at night
It can be carried on a plane
Because hooks are dull
It can be taken to the beach
Watch out for that seagull!
It can be taken here or there
Or auntie's house
It can make excellent sweaters
Sorry, not a blouse.
It can make dolls
And blankets
And scrubbies and caps
And it keeps you busy
In between naps.

[Have crochet hook, ready for travel.]

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Swimming Adrift

[I don't like swimming. I know how, but you get wet and your 
hair is all gross and there are animals in the water with you....is there a plus side?]

Air is lighter than water, so it floats. 
Floats to the surface like a balloon
Escaping into the atmosphere.
You can hold your breath, 
but the air drags you up.
You can breath out,
But you're already ascending.
Is there a way to not float?
I don't think I want that.

Bubbles so blue
A sensation not new
A rising anticipated
With the lightening hue.
I reach up my first
To break free from this drift
And my hand makes contact in a snapping kiss

[Another one breaks the surface.]

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pretty Pink Elephant

[Pretty in pink, just as mean.]

I am pink and I am very pretty.
I make all the elephants sweaty.
But don't tell me! Don't mention a word.
I'll give you a look,
call you absurd.
No one mentions the pretty, it's no allowed.
I am also very smart.
And of that, I'm proud.
Mention that.
And my excellent spelling.
Because if you mention me being pretty
I'm telling.

[I like the way I question everyone's intentions. It's a skill.]

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Where Did the Crochet Turtle Go?

[When I go out with friends, I try to be inconspicuous.]

I am not saying a thing about that. Not a thing, not a thought, nothing, not that.
I'm not a rat.
I'm not saying one thing, not one little thing. Not a nibble or morsel, for goodies or bling.
I keep my secrets and a few of yours too.
It's a bit of pride for me that I don't tell on you.
I won't spread a rumor, won't tell a truth, I hold steady against every motivated sleuth.
I've got my own worries, my secrets trapped tight. I'm gonna put yours with mine, in the blackness of night.
And shut it down, lock it up, seal it real tight. 
So no one breaks in, because that wouldn't be right.

[ps. don't break the law. I don't keep those secrets. 
You want to buy tons of yarn and hide it in your car? I'm there, secret saved.]

Monday, October 16, 2017

Not Here for Carrots

[I may have brought my lovelies out for hike and not brought a snack. Bye bye cute plants.]

I nibble as I go in this crazy little world. I take a bite out of flowers, just as they unswirl. I laugh at silly jokes and am happy to be a girl. I am smart as can be, and my teeth are as white as a pearl. And when things get darkest, when I'm at the edge of despair, I think, at least I have me and the rest? I don't care.

I will be brilliant one day, I just need to wait. There's a line you see, and you can't be late. Lateness get's you sent back to the end of the line, and then you'll be waiting loads of time. I'm off again, to head the right way. And eventually I'll get there, to that store one day. My brilliance will be brilliant, my knowledge divine. Until then I'll study, I've got plenty of time.

[Hope everyone had a lovely Weekend!!]

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Hop Together In Cold Weather

[Raining. Warm though.]

When I think about those days. When the rain came down in sheets. I remember those times. When fire warmed our chilly feet. It seems silly to think about. Silly to imagine now. But I miss that fire tonight. I am hungry for some chow. Can you cook an egg or two? Can you heat up some warm tea? Are you not hungry to? Or is it maybe just me?

[Bring on the grub]

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Bit Off Center

[A little balance is good.]

I'm unbalanced today and I feel askew. I try to even out, but there's not much to do. I could wobble to and fro and see where it goes. But wouldn't you rather I go to where my balance doesn't bow. Definitely not up high, or at the edge of a cliff, or the spidery crevasse where I'd normally sit.  I think just the flat ground is good enough for me. This definitely sin't the day to try trapeze.

[Keep on balancing]

Monday, October 9, 2017

A Secret Told

Whisper softly my Friend.
I'll be your confidant.
I'll keep you secret.
I'll hide your truth.
My friend
Be brave
In the face of revelation
Do not hide
Or tell tales
The truth
Will always win out.

I know you stole my chips.
It's just a matter of time.
Until you crack.



Chips are for snacking,
Fruit is for nibbling,
Ask before grabbing,
Now stop all your quibbling.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Crochet is a Family Affair

[Crochet together, it's super fun in winter. Keeps you warm]

I will crochet. I will not play. Crochet is play! I say, I say. I will play with fiber. I will not retire. There's too much yarn that won't expire. So off I go, I say I say, to buy more yarn and play, I'll play. Play with yarn, play with fiber, run around grabbing yarn like Mcgyver. A little amigurumi, a little tapestry stitch, a little crochet Halloween witch.

Do you have your hook?

[oh yes, I think this weekend will include a lot of crochet.]

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Crochet Elephant

[Are elephants really afraid of mice?]

I'm squeeking
I'm freaking
There's a mouse
In my house

It's tippy toeing
Slow going
Throwing shade
Ready made
And I'm just not knowing.

What do you say to that?
Hi rat?!
Where's my cat?
I'm not all that mean
Or obscene
As all that.

So I'm hiding in the closet.

But mouse,
Don't be mean in my house.

[Elephants might be afraid of mice.]

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Scurry Quickly

[I made a mouse. His name is Tim. He's quite sweet. Sweeter now than he was then.]

A little mouse was scurrying by
A little mouse saw me with his black eye
He stopped to look deeper still
He made me nervous 
When he looked his fill
 I squirmed a bit
I felt unfit
To be looked over
I resented it
But then the mouse passed
I was alone again at last
And in the quiet it occurred to me
I kind of liked that mouse
Looking at me.

[Little mouses are so sweet and cute.]

This mouse could be yours. Just post on my Facebook page that you want the pattern and I will post it! yup, I said that.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Hoot with Crochet

[Three views of the same day.]

I came when all were gone.
When all was wrong.
Not a someone spoke
I was standing there

Until I arrived.
Like a bee to the hive
I scurried to find my friend
We were meant to be here
Together till the end.

And I came last
Without being asked.
I knew you'd need me
If only
to make three.

Three is needed for jump rope

[A bit of a hoot, those silly owls.]  

Monday, October 2, 2017

Confidential Crochet

[When my friends and I get together, I say too much.]

I may have mentioned,
My have said
A little too much
About my friend Fred.
He'll be mad for sure,
Of that I know
But I have no where to hide
No where to go.
So I'll say sorry
And bow my head
Maybe he'll forgive me
For what I said.

[The air is cold, but the sun still shines. That's how I know, I'll be just fine.]

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Been There Over the Rainbow

[Maybe a walk in the woods, the smell of pine is so wonderful.]

I'm in the woods, looking around and along comes this bear. He has HUGE feet and hair...just everywhere. In his ears and everything. And then he speaks. I mean SPEAKS! My legs went weak. But he was actually kind of nice. So I had to think twice. Maybe A bear is just as scary as mice. So there we are, chatting away. And there went the day. I'm headed back tomorrow so we can play.

[I'm thinking the roar was hard to ignore.]

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Been a bit Beezy

[Enjoying the last throws of summer before fall kicks in.]

I'm righting my course
And headed for you.
I'm charging ahead
Not around
You are my target
You are my goal
I'll be there soon
My role
I'm setting the bar
And setting my sights on you.
If I were someone else
I'd be targetting you too
A goal isn't reached
Without the urge to charge
That's why so many goals
are still at large
So charge away
Rush that zone
My success is onlyfound
Where heroes roam. 

[A chipper day, where bees play.]

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Beauty Day

[Remember a few months ago when pretty flowers abounded? yeah, me neither.]

I'm going to look for the blooms in every scene,
Look for the splash of color in green
Look for the whisp of warmth in each hue
And then I'm going to look at you.
The blooms will make your face so sweet
The green will spring up and around at your feet
And the warmth will bring more color to your eyes
And then I'll gasp 'Oh my, oh my.'
I needed that warmth to warm my soul
A little green is better than coal.
And so my friend, I do extol
Today is a wonderful day.

[Happy, cheerful, pleasant day, to you my friend, on this lovely Tuesday.]

Monday, September 18, 2017

Everyone Line Up

[Now that's a nice set of owls...]

When we stand in a line, we become stronger than just one, we become mighty and magnificent, and when together, we've won. We've won the battle against loneliness, the scrimmage against solitaire, we're better together, better even as a pair. 

[I like the purple one. You?]

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Happy Days are Coming

[I like to sit by the well and just think about how many quarters might be down there. 
Just like in Goonies.]

Counting one, two, three
I've got lots of counting
For you and me.
There's that one time
When you yelled really load
There's those two times
When you succeeded and I was proud
There's that third time
When I wasn't so cheered
When it was the fourth time
When your check hadn't cleared.
But the fifth time
Really set me off
Until you gave me a car
With soft leather and cloth.
So today,
On the sixth
I'll say I'm happy I got my wish
'Cause you are the sweetest son
I'll ever miss
But off you must go
On the seventh day
Off to college
Not to play
To learn new things and aspire
To utter greatness
Someone to admire
A great man
Someone ready to inspire.

[See now, Goonies, that was a great movie.]

Monday, September 11, 2017

Asleep for a Week

[In the last throws of summer, I get a bit reflective.]

 I see the future
And my past.
I remember enjoying
And celebrating
Each die cast.
Some roads were rough
Quite a mess
But the adventure
Was the best.
Each rough tumble
Every high and low.
I celebrated
The eb and flow.
And here now
In the warmth of the setting sun
I'm ready to head back out
And have fun.

[Another warm day.]

Friday, September 1, 2017

Venture On

[The weekend has come and people are out, remember to say excuse, and then maybe don't shout.]

Rest your spirits.
Calm your mind.
It's now the weekend.
You have time.
Think through your thoughts
Imagine your dreams
Keep you spirits high
And your space clean
Spread yourself out
And fill your space
Say 'this is mine!'
And you're almost there.
Brush your teeth
Twice or three times
Tell yourself
A few awesome rhymes
Then build yourself up
Stand up super tall
And remember quote loudly
I can handle it all.

[Happy Friday friends, enjoy your weekend.]

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Summer Away

[That moment when you wish you'd gone camping for the summer.]

As if I liked camping
As if I liked trees
I'm a coffee shop girl
Extra cream if you please
Sure I like birds
And little critters too
But I'm happy right here
I can see animals on the tube.
The bugs are what gets me
Too many legs for me.
I'll hang out right here
Where it's totally bug free.
But you go ahead
Have all the fun you want
I'll be waiting for you.
When you want to eat and not hunt.

[Mmmm, doughnut and coffee....]

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Meeting at Dawn

[Star-crossed and meant to be, two happy friends, meeting for tea.]

I happened upon, two friends meeting for tea. And they were remarkably, nice to me. They invited me in, offered me pie, they told me stories about birds flying high. I was enamored by them. Those two old friends. They were nice, so nice, they chatted till the end. It made me think, that I had some serious things to do, if I wanted to end my days, with such a great friend or two. So off I went, a new vision in mind, about friends who are welcoming, friendly, and kind.

[Let's go friends! One new friend at a time, 
we're going to share some cheerful, happy, hilarious rhyme.]

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Lead In Charge

[I'm thinking that perhaps, someone other than me needs to be in charge.]

I was thinking of leading,
But not anymore.
You're all a bunch of trouble
Don't look at the floor!
You don't listen, or behave
You yell and run around
It's like showing up at a rave!
I could be home
Baking a pie.
But no, I show up here
And OH MY!
There were things flying everywhere
A mess on the floor
And I'm telling you now.
No More
No More.
You will clean up
You will follow the rules
You'll do what your told
Or I'll fire all you fools!

[Maybe I will lead, I have a rhythm to it (ps. it's not nice to call people fools)]

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Fam is All Here

[My latest set of patterns. A bit of everything there.]

A strong four
Ready to assemble
Ready to roar.
Never alone
Never on your own
Ready to come running
Strong to the core.
Just call out
We'll be there
We know what you're about.

[I am a big fan of my family/posse, keeping them close is very important.] 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Another Friday, Another Sunny Day

[Fridays, time for fun.]

On Monday we worked
On Tuesday, Wednesday lurked
On Thursday, I took a break
On Friday, I bake.

I bake cookies and pies.
A potato, side of fries.
Candy so good
Sister cries.

On Saturday I run
For fun
I play
All day
I excel
At sleeping the day away.

On Sunday
We prepare for Monday
And hope for one day
When Monday
Is a day off.

[Happy Friday!] 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Bit Like You

[I'm a twin, so this rhymes with me.]

I look like you, you look like me.
We are both little hoppers
And a bit care free
We laugh at flowers
We cry at tea
We sing in the wind
Twiddle Dee Dee
We are quite different
For sure
And for real
But all those differences
Are no big deal.
Because you're like me
And I'm like you
And when we're mean to eachother
We're both quite blue.

[Cheerful! Happy! A bit of a hug!]
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