Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm Reaching

[It was a rough day today. I think I need more sunlight to brighten me up.]

Let the sun shine on you
Let the warmth kiss your skin
Take a minute
And drink the brightness in.

Set aside your worries
For just a moment in your day
A few minutes
To let the annoying stuff fade away.

Feel refreshed in the summer sun
Ready to head out again
And not be undone.
You're stronger still
For what you've done
Taking a minute
Means you've won.

[Ahh, that's just what I needed. Sunlight and cheerfulness. Pass it on!]

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Bit Gruff

[We haven't see the bug boss in a while so, I thought I'd dust him off for a bit of fun. Sometimes, you need to let your evil out right? A little hiding the remote control to make you feel better. Only cheeky pranks for this little bug.]

When I thought I'd be free
You came back to bother me.
With your cheerful spirit
And annoying glee.

I'm lost in my thoughts,
No time for your joy.
You think you're friendly,
But you really do annoy.

My concentration is wrecked.
My brain tired and bedecked,
By your happy tales
Which are embellished I suspect.

Be off with you!
Leave me to my blue
I'm not ready to entertain
Or the fat to chew.

Just monotone thoughts
Or a curse or two
Is what I have planned
And there's no room for you.

Try the neighbor down the way
She's always up for play
Or a puzzle on a Sunday
Or happy words to say.

I'm not fit for visiting
No fun at all.
You deserve better
Than my angry free-for-all

Try me again tomorrow
Or the next day, or further still
Eventually my anger will reach it's fill.
And then I'll welcome you
And cheer your arrival.
But not today
Today is about survival.

[Fighting through the angries is hard work, keep hydrated, we'll all wait you out.]

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Around Town

[No caption, just enjoy]

There is no better place.

Here I feel the warmth on my feet, the sunny day on my crown. I'm at peace in this day, I was looking and I found.

I peered down, amongst the grass and the stones and I saw you, and I wasn't alone. We're together in this place, enjoying the sky. Enjoying the atmosphere that surrounds and floats by.

And we can be peaceful together, a unifying calm. A happiness that follows and covers like balm. It won't last I know, and soon the present will show. But in the past we can revel in how fantastical we thought we'd grow.

[Aww, life makes dreamers out of all of us.]

Pony pattern found here

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Playful Spirit

[Did everyone enjoy a nice weekend? I sure hope so. It was kind of special day over the weekend ... Father's Day!! to all the father figures out there and the mom's pulling double duty, 
thanks for being so great.]

A bit of fun each day
You always find time for play
I was worried about school
You said it was cool.
Together we'd count the day away.

You taught me to read and write
You encouraged me not to fight
You gave me hugs
Protected me from bugs
And in the darkness, you gave me light.

I love who you
I love you from near or far.
Together we're strong
We always get along
Your the best and brightest star.

[And a new week is here!]

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer is Hot

[In breaking news, it was super hot today.]

A big ball of light,
Hotter than fire
Sits above us all
Never to expire
It rotates with grace
Convulses with fury
It fills us with terror
Wonder and worry.
Plants worship the ball
Looking up each day
To catch every glimmer
Gleam and ray
We treasure the warmth
And cheer that it brings
It makes things seem happy
And is good for all things.
And at night we are sad
Until daylight breaks again
We look up cheerfully
And ask where it's been.
But the ball never tells
Never says a thing
So we're left to wonder
About the ball that was king.

[Yes, worship the ball, it brings the light. Mmmm, light.]

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Conflict Brewing

[When all looks peaceful, that's when it strikes.]

I think you're treasuring me, but really your appraising what you see. My worth is quite large, but you see only ones, I'm a monster of awesome, you think I'm all done. I'm just warming up, readying to strike, you see weakness and things you don't like. You're not giving me credit, only seeing my flaws, I'm rocking great things, but you're only giving ta tas. Well, that is all fine. Head out your own way. I've got magical things, I'm planning to today. I'll miss you of course, but only so much. I saw in you greatness, but you only saw what you couldn't touch. And I need my time for bigger things, greater paths, and new songs to sing. I'm ever expanding to fill my own space, you're looking for something, but not in the race. So ta ta my friend, I wish you the best, now I'm off to discover happiness and zest.

[Enjoy exploring today!]

Monday, June 12, 2017

Backup in Case of Spills

[My partner in crime is anti-crime. Makes for a goody combination.]

We are not always in tune.
Our thoughts don't always match.
We rarely like the same things.
But we've never hit a rough patch.

I like that you are different
You make me think of new things.
We could argue for hours
But treat each other like rationale beings.

And when I get hurt
Or am feeling especially sad.
You are there no matter what
And that makes me so glad.

So keep being you.
And liking what you do.
I wouldn't have you any other way.
You're the best
At being you.

[Ok, no more mushy awesome friendship poetry. Only cheeky silly stuff until Friday...maybe.]

Friday, June 9, 2017

When the Tired Sets In

[It's been such a long week. I may sleep all weekend and get nothing done.]

I'd open my eyes, but they'd only drift slowly shut.
I need to run errands, but here I am
Sitting on my butt.
It's not that I'm in a rutt.
I'm tired.

I keep going at a monstrous pace
Taking on each task like it's a race
And now
My exhaustion is my most important case.
I'm tired.

So I will sit.
Right here.
Really with no fear.
Because you can't get me to move
My dear.
I'm unmovable today.
Today I will not play
I will not work.
I'm not being a jerk,
I'm tired.

[Happy Friday all!! I'll be getting lots of rest!]

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Don't Let the World Get You Down

[I'm having one of those nervous about tomorrow moments.]

I won't be defeated today. I won't be knocked down or told to stay. I have big plans, goals for tomorrow. I don't plan on wallowing in sorrow. When I meet an obstacle, I pick a new path. When I encounter a troll, I display my wrath. I defend myself to all or none, sometimes it's against yourself that life must be won. And I will win, because continuing on let's you begin again. I will keep trying, keep carrying on, and in the end I'll hear that song. The song they sing about your journey and troubles, about the obstacles you overcame and your trips and stubbles. And I will smile to myself because each day begins a new, and each day I have new goals to pursue. It's the goals that carry me on, and reaching them that drives me to awaken to the dawn. I look eagerly to what's next in store, each time a chance to grasp for more. More sun to warm my skin, a breeze to rustle my hair, and an adventure to share. Follow me my friends....if you dare.

[Ok, ready.]

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Day in the Low Lying Trees

[I think if I was going to create a fantasy world where nothing bad happened, but fun adventures were frequent, that there woudl have to be multicolored, strangely shaped trees. Definitely a must.]

There's nothing they can do
To you
To make your dreams untrue.
They are true enough
To you.

I dream big each day
I imagine my worries
Floating away.
I carry flowers and say.
To my worries.
Go away!

I could let the clouds roll in.
But my patience is running thin.
So there will be no gray
In my day.
Only sun and my grin.

Be free sunny day.
I've got this one
Go play. 

[Aha! Enjoy that sunlight. Even that one small ray.]

Run fast,
Run true.
Don't be me
Be you.
Carry courage
Dump the fear.
Run fast
Run clear.
Don't compromise
Don't listen
To lies.
Always true
Don't be me
Be you.

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Restful Moment

[I think we all needed this.]

I hopped around.
Collecting food.
I would have stopped
If I could.
But the babies were hungry
And I was all out of berries.
It's not like food
Is brought by ferries.
"We need to do the work!"
I say to myself. 
and hoping for help.
But help won't be coming.
Because I'm all that there is
And even monumental tasks
Eventually fizz.
We can wait it out or climb to new peaks.
With our own determination
We can find if we seek.
And the babies will be fed.
And our spirits lighted.
We just need to push.
And not be frightened.
And when wins are gained
And losses lessened.
We can lay for a nap.
And not let the stress in.

[Happy Friday!]

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Bit of Sunshin

[June has arrived not a minute too soon. I'm falling for summer, catch while I swoon.]

Pretty plant so colorful, so sweet.
I wish I liked mushrooms,
You look good enough to eat. 
Your spots speak volumes,
And excite my very pores
Wish that I could taste you,
I would be searching for more.
But alas I don't eat toadstools
Not Shiitake or Morel
But I assure you if I did
Seeing you would make my heart swell.
So live on, sweet button.
Enjoy the sun today.
Tomorrow I'll be back
To shower you in love
Each day.

[Ah, unrequited love. All we need is a third party to make this interesting!]

Today is special
Although every day unique
Today is the day I've been waiting for
And I've found what I seek.
Today I meet my goals
And reach for new amongst the stars.
Today I remember where I've been
And set new goals out far.
Today I celebrate
Because success comes in small rewards
Today I'm thankful for each small hurdle
And the crossing of each fjord.
I revel in the joy
That each success brings
And I wait for tomorrow
To celebrate all new things.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A New Beginning

[The week just started and it's already 1/2 way done. Just the way I like it.]

I'm headed out your way my dear. To see you about that coat. The one you borrowed from me, that got eaten by a goat. I don't want to hear the story. Not interested in your tale. I just want a new coat, something on sale. Red would be good. It'd make my eyes pop. I hope you know you're buying; It'd mean a lot. I'll stop by in a few, I need to pick up lunch. If you could be ready to go, that would help a bunch. You want to eat too? Well, yes, please do. But I'm not buying for you. So when I get there, we'll head out to the store. I'm only buying a coat, nothing more. If you have shopping to do, I suggest you drive there too. I won't be waiting around, while you buy other items, not even if only a few. And then we'll head for dinner. That place with all the lights. I think it'll end the day well, and we can go back to being nice. So be ready when I show up, be dressed and ready to go, I don't want to wait too long, for you to show. 

Thanks friend,
You're my bestie, don't you know.

[For all those failed sharing moments.]

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

On a Day so Bright

[I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. For some, a time for family, others, a time for remembrance. Whatever your plans, I hope they were spent filled with warm weather and sunny days.]

I rejoice for the sun,
Shinning so bright.
It brings us cheer,
No need to fight.
I rejoice for the cool wind,
Licking against my skin
It makes me thankful
For the happiness within.
I rejoice in my friends
The pals that wait for me
We have big plans
Of running wild in the trees.
And I rejoice for you.
My strength each day.
You shine the brightest
Brighter than the sun's ray.
You keep me warm,
And cool me with your breeze.
You make me laugh
You say 'good health' when I sneeze.
You are my friend,
My confidante,
My one and only,
All I want.

[Happy Tuesday! Have a warm sunny day!]

Friday, May 26, 2017

Beach Day at Sea

[It's been raining and pouring and raining again. I can just see the 
lighting and am happy to have house to hid in.]

A Bit a Beach Day Fun

You must remember that day at that time. Where you and I ventured for a sandwich and wine. The air smelled of oysters and the salt stuck to my face. You laughed at me as sand flew all over the place. We were building a castle, I was going to be king. But you got mad when sand got stuck in your ring. And with my incredible might, I destroyed that castle and made it all right. The sun was warm that day, warmer still than now, as we stand among friends, taking our vow. I promise to be me always and forever, I promise to love you in bad times and in better. I promise to listen, but not always agree, remember you promised to always love me. 

[Happy weekend everyone.]

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dancing in the Stars

[There's a long weekend coming up, I'm hoping for only fun things!]

Out amongst the universe
In the shadow of some great star
I'll find you by a hill
In a distant place out far
You'll be waiting for me
A challenge all your own.
You'll know I'm coming
When you're most alone.
I've got to find my way
And the journey is just that
But at every turn I'll make my way
Until I'm standing on your mat.
So wait for me my love
Give me the time I need
I'll find my way to you
And settle in like a weed.

[Nothin' like love.]

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Planning for the Best Day Ever

Hey Phil, what's with the boat.
It's going to rain today.
But it can't rain that much can it?
I like to be prepared for anything.

I plan out each step.
I write down each plan.
I visit each spot.
I research as much as I can.
I host meetings every week.
I explain and I teach.
I educate on the pitfalls and tricks.
My Power Points are pretty slick.
I do all the right things.
To get the result that I want.
But I can't ever prepare.
For you going, my sweet aunt.
You are a treasure beyond reason.
A fun family member for sure.
But out on an adventure.
You could get lost on a tour.
So I plan for you the most.
With second,
and fourth ideas
All lined up.
Because I want you to have fun.
Not end up in the dirt
On your butt.

[Happy Hump Day! Hope your Wednesday is a happy adventure!]

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

World Turtle Day

[Did you know that today is World Turtle Day? Well, I So let's celebrate! One of my favorite animals. Beautiful, elusive, interesting, and prehistoric. The turtle is all 10s in my book]

Mostly short,
In greens and brown.
They travel slowly
All about town.
A long neck,
And inquisitive eyes,
They're looking for food.
And that's what they spy.
A bit of lettuce, 
A bit of fruit. 
This prehistoric animal
Is traveling by foot. 
They live for years
Past you or I,
They live in solitude
Watching the world travel by.
And so some truths
They truly know.
About how the world turns.
And where we'll all go.
But they'll never tell
Not you or I,
Because we're not turtles
So to us, they just lie. 
Oh to be a turtle
Traveling by sea, lake, or land.
Strutting ever so slowing.
Like the slow tempo of the band. 
Alas a slow pace,
Is just the ace
They need in this place.
To catch all that occurs
All that transpires
A turtle never stops.
Never tires.
No, no, ever onward
To new adventures and beyond.
A turtle is always here
Until it's finally gone. 

[Happy World Turtle day!!!]

Monday, May 22, 2017

Mondays are for Early Birds

[I like to stay up late, so it's just funny that I'm so cheerful in the morning. Must be the caffeine.]

At early dawn I wake just so
I'm the first to wake.
And then off I go.
I flutter my eyes
To wake up my brain.
I shake my body
To do the same.
It's fun! I exclaim
To no one around.
I like getting out early
Because no one's in town.
I'm the first to get breakfast
First to park.
I might move people's things
Just for a lark.
And the best thing of all
I tell you for sure.
Is I get to leave earlier
Walk right out the door.
And then I see sunshine!
Instead the gloom.
And if I want to go for a walk?
My clock has room!
So try it out once
Or twice if you dare.
Getting up early.
Helps you get there!

[Ok, now for sleep, lol]

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Kitty Out of Place

[When you get all dressed up, but everyone else is wearing jeans.]

I wore my good shoes today.
 And combed my hair.
I picked out my outfit special.
I took great care.
I filed my nails
So they wouldn't scratch.
I made you cookies,
But I burned this batch.
I cleaned the house.
I dusted too.
I worked very hard.
Getting everything ready for you.
You showed up in jeans.
Your hair was a mess.
I don't think you though this through
You weren't very well dressed.
Maybe I made a mistake
Maybe you didn't hear.
I said this was black tie
My dear.

[Right? Oh well, maybe no one will notice.]

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Red Lighting on a Hill

[I was working on a baby crochet turtle tonight, super cute. It's making me happy.]

I sit calmly in my chair
No one notices I'm there.
I'm fluttering my wrists,
A hook in my fist.
I'm making art 
With heart.
A magic world 
Is beginning to swirl.
And I can't wait for the end.
So I can do it all over again.

To create is magical.
It makes you feel exuberant.
Just a few stitches to finish.
If only I could find where my needle went.

And my project is born,
Bright colors, nothing torn.
A new thing, a new love
It's not a dove.
But it is crochet.
My favorite way to play.
A bit a yarn or string.
And you can make anything.

[Wednesday is the best day, because it's the peak of the moment.]

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I Sing For Many Things

[I like singing. I'm terrible, very off-key, but it's lovely to belt out something with a good beat that makes you cheerful. Lifts your whole day up a notch.]

I love the color of the sky
After a thunderous storm.
I love the smell of wet pavement,
Especially when it's still warm.
I love the warm wind,
Blowing on a cool spring day.
I love the flowers,
That pop up in May.
I love the cheer of children,
Rushing home from class.
I love to watch my sisters,
Give each other a bit of sass.
And I hum to myself,
The tune I know best.
Its the sound nature.
And well, you know the rest.
It calls to the animals
Far and wide.
And let's them know 
They don't need to hide.
No one will chase them
Or bother them today.
The kids have gone elsewhere
And it's our time to play.

[Ah spring and summer, the best seasons! (until fall which is equally nice)]

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Bit of Sunny Weather

[I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!! It was sunny on Sunday so that was great!]

The winter was cold and the days very short,
The spring was wet, too wet for a fort.
The summer is just beginning
And we wait for it here
We wait for the sunlight and for the clouds to clear.
The sun will bring warmth
And the flowers will bloom.
So many flowers, we'll need to make room.
The smell will enchant us,
The sunlight brighten our day.
The summer brings happiness
We wish it would stay.
But soon enough still,
The sun will begin to fade
The fall will come to cover
The bed, the sunlight made.

[But until then, bring on the tank tops and flowers! right?!]

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Buzzing about Mom

[I've heard a bit of whispering in hushed tones that a special day may be coming up. And I'm super excited to celebrate.]

There's a buzzing in my ear that a special day is near and I await with no fear to celebrate someone most dear. A special lady, a close pal, a real winner, a great gal. She's always there for humor and a bit of fun, she's a class act, first place, number one. She lifts me up, carries me through, keeps me going, gives me things to do. She brightens each day, lifts each spirit she meets along the way, and today, tomorrow, next week, she'll be the one that, when in trouble, I'll seek. She wants the best for me, and for me to see, the beauty she sees in me craving to be free. She is the greatest, the best, she's all mine, and cheers to all the rest. Making each day better, each year the best, being ever a comfort and giving each moment in life extra zest. 

[Almost there moms, cheers to you.]

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Few Pretty Petals

[This week is a bit special for me as I'm sure it is for many of you. It's mother's day this weekend and I have a mom that I like quite a lot. I also have mother-figures who've been a strength for me, holding me up. Especially my mother-in-law who is just wonderful.]

A strength like no other.
Your colors burn bright
And cheer my darkness
And bring me light.
My thoughts could be scrambled.
My life
Stuck in brambles.
But you stretch up to reach
The smallest spec of light
And by doing.
You aim to teach
Me to fight.

So this week,
This year,
This life time.
I thank you

A teacher,
A support system.
A source of constant love
And above.
Someone to lift me ever higher
But stay constant and firm
When my hopes expire.

I echo the many
As I send this message to you
I thank you for so much
The so so much you do.

[Happy Mother's day this week everyone. For all those that make the people around them feel a little more loved and little more supported. We're all mothers to each other.] 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Slowly Sinking

[I was thinking today that sometimes I feel like I'm way on top of everything, got it all put together and I'm flying solo just fine. Then things start to pile up and weigh me down and I feel like I'm slowly sinking. So I'm thinking it's the juggling that matters. Keeping enough off the pile to keep you floating, but not so much that you get to high up. Or something like that.]

I was on top of it all
On top of my hill
I was living the life
Enjoying the thrill

But then you came along
And weighed me down
You came with baggage and mess
And it made me frown

I  don't need those grams
Tipping my scales
I've altitude to gain
I need wind in my sails

I need to be my own wind
Pushing me higher
Forget cheerleaders
I need to be my own choir

I could stay with you
Down here on the ground
But I was made to fly
Not to be bound

I need the wind in my hair
And the sun on my skin
I may struggle to climb up
But I know I can win

[Just keep on pushing through the fog, that's what I tell myself. The fog burns off in the sun.]

Monday, May 8, 2017

Take My Picture

[Group photos show you who's the joker in the group.]

Oh mommy
Oh daddy.
I came to this shoot pretty sick.
Oh mommy 
Oh daddy.
I need to get out of here quick.

I may have lied and said I was fine.
But I'm really not at all.
I could stay, but I might hurl, 
So that's your call.

Oh mommy
Oh daddy.
I might faint, I don't really know.
Oh mommy
Oh daddy.
I'm sorry this is knocking me low.

I guess I could have stayed home this time.
But I really wanted to come.
I'm part of this family after all.
I thought it might be kinda fun.

But this cold I guess has one.

[Right so maybe a second one just for you guys.]

 Six little babies, all in line.
It was Friday, photo time.
They all sit down.
Not a single frown.
Gonna get this photo down.
But then one pops up.
And I interrupt
To say - Cheers! - in time.
They all look my way.
The crowd cheers 'hurrah'
And another good photo today.

[Happy happy Monday, happy happy funday, gonna have fun today. But it doesn't work out, then no need to shout, just go get doughnuts today!. Hurray]

Friday, May 5, 2017

Riding to the Party

[Have plans?]

I was twiddling my thumbs,
Till my arms got numb.
Watching the deer
And antelope run.
But then I got your note.
And an idea began to float.
I could go to your soiree
And in my heart
I shouted 'hurray!'
It was the thing
I wanted most
But didn't know it
Till you offered to host.
Now I'm off
Headed on my way
And I cannot wait
To get there
On this special day.

[Happy fun party day to everyone tomorrow!]

Thursday, May 4, 2017

What Color Do You See?

[When you daughter asks you what color something is and then immediately disagrees with you.]

I see pink
I see blue
I don't know
How 'bout you?
Do you see?
Do you know?
What's that color?
What's that glow?
Is it gray
Or maybe pink
A little purple
I would think.
A bit of stripe
A star or two
A glittery circle
A splash of blue.
Do you see?
Do you know?
A bit of everything
A rainbow.

[So now I just say, I see what you see honey, what color do you see? Totally outsmarts that at least twice, then they're on to you.]

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Brother, My Sister

[Spoke to my sister today, because...I call her every day? 
Good to hear from her, it'd been so long!!!]

I saw my sister today in the park.
She was out with her friends
They stayed out past dark.
I was busy with my brother Ed.
They came home after I'd gone to bed.
I didn't see her the next day.
I was outside when she left to play
And then again tomorrow too.
It was making me sad and blue.
And then the weekend came along.
I woke up thinking she was surely gone.
But when I traipsed down the stairs.
There she was, she was there.
She'd made a plan for her and I
To play together, I could cry.
I admit I missed her
Missed her so much.
And my sister, brother, and me
We played double dutch.

[Just makes me want to hug all those brothers and sisters.]

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Bit of Piece and Quiet

[I like to cherish those 1-4 minutes when my kids can't find me to just stare off into 
space and not hear a sound.]

Not a whisper.
Not a breeze.
I'd be shocked
To hear a sneeze.
A pitter patter
fills my ears.
A cherished sound
That few hears.
It's the bunnies
Hopping forth.
Searching for food
Back and forth.
It's the rain
Falling now
And then the crack
Of lightening, POW.
I see a deer 
Off across the field
It's on track
It will not yield.
I'm glad to be here
Safe and dry.
Watching life
Wander by.

[Peacefulness only lasts so long. Glad I got to soak it in.]

Monday, May 1, 2017

Off Center

[My sister and I are twins so we look the same. But we're different. At least, we think we're differnt. But we look the same.]

At every turn on every day in every second in every way. You're there for me in all that matters, you're there for me when my life's in tatters. A kind word and funny joke, you are a sweetheart, one awesome bloke. And when the fire of life burns bright, there you are, running to my aide like a knight. Never have I known a better person or friend. Even at the worst of it, my sadness did you tend. And now in the prime of our life, I'm there for you, through cheer and strife. There's no other place I'd rather be, then helping out like you helped me. 

[Right? Friends are so awesome.]

Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Wrap-up

[Did I watch the draft last night? yes. Was it entertaining? Very much so. Who doesn't love a little red carpet, people crying, finding out you got the job, and a game of strategy and cloak and daggers.]

So in summary, we walked a long way, didn't stop to play, ran past a lion, headed our way and off again off again, sprinted away. And that was just a small portion of today. There were bears a plenty, traps and ravines, an old bitter woman who was awfully mean. A cart we had brought, was abandoned when we got caught, trying to steal berries from an old man's lot. We managed a few and lost the rest, but they were delicious, truly the best. And there were hills! so many hills. Difficult to climb, a thrill to descend, my legs will take forever to mend. Worth it for sure! Worthwhile to endure, because oh my, such adventure! Another day done and boy was is fun, can't wait till tomorrow when again we run. 

[Have fun running tomorrow! I might do a bit of hill climbing myself.]

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Draft Night Tonight

[My husband reminded me that tonight is draft night and now I'm tickled. A little red carpet (mom's look so great with their sons!!), a little unexpected surprises, a little worry and uncertainty, and a whole lot of booing! lol. I hope everyone that is watching enjoys the draft!! I know I will.]

The Draft is Coming

I'm not getting picked and neither are you. I'm not sad, nor am I blue. Ok, that's not true. I'm certainly blue, but I won't be crying like an actor on cue. I've got things to do! 

Tonight is the draft! Time really flew fast. Just to think a few months ago, I was having a blast. Screaming for the Patriots to kick some...booty. 

Now it's draft time again and I've invited over friends. We're going to watch the chaos unfold each night till it ends. I've got sheets of suggestions, days of advice, but we both know my predictions won't be right by thrice. 

Who'll go first? Who will go last, those guys on night one will be having a blast. 

I'm looking for running backs! Wide receivers and tight ends. I'm looking to have fun, celebrating with friends. 

Perhaps we should pick a few guys to defend...

[Happy draft night!] 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mom Advice

[I said mom advice, but really, a dad, mom, auntie, uncle, etc all count.]

My Advice to You

Be kind to the littlest kid, Sweet to the biggest bloke,
Humble when you have more than most.
Giving when your friends are broke.

Be the one that stands up for good.
Be that one,
That does what they should
Be the one,
That's always there.
Be the one,
That comes running
When no one else will dare.

Be you.
Be everything you can.
Don't let anyone limit you.
And when your convictions falter
Stand up for you.
Stand tall for others.
Stand proud for me.
Stand strong for your sisters and brothers.

And be you.
Just you.
And to yourself
Be true. 

[And can apply this to more than just the kiddos too :) ]

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Around the Fire

[The weather is shifting, it might just be time for outdoor 
camping instead of indoor camping, e.g. sleeping in beds.]

Away on a voyage,
No place to lay down.
I stare at the fire
My face sporting a frown.
I thought there'd be cabins
With a fridge and beds
But a fire awaited me
And stars overhead.
It could be nice
Could be fun.
But I'm not keen on sleeping
Next to everyone
Uncle Tim Snores
Rob is a bore.
Francy's too nice
Jen...I just can't take any more.
A little piece and quiet
Would be so nice 
But I guess the rocky ground
Will be my sacrifice.
I wasn't the best hiker
It took double the time.
I admit I may have cried
In between each whine.

A fire so bright
A fire burns hot.
A campfire brings us together
And that means a lot. 

[Here's hoping we all make new friends around the campfire.]

Monday, April 24, 2017

Out at Sea

[I feel like sailing away.]

It's time to head out,
On our adventure for two.
I'm looking for excitement.
And I want to share it with you.
A wave might crash,
Lightning might flash.
But we'll keep together,
And just dash, swim, dash.
And perhaps we'll see
A mermaid or whale
Something spectacular
I can turn into a tall tale.
A scary encounter
With a sea monster in blue.
And how you saved me,
You wonderful you.
A peaceful island
Of sun and sand,
We'll have the best time,
Exploring that land.
And then off again,
To the next great place,
A twinkle in your eye
A grin on my face.

[Ahhh, adventure at sea.]

Friday, April 21, 2017

Let Me Tell You Something

[It's the end of the week, but I'm still plugging away. Some of us need to work every day.
But seriously, so tired.]

So, there I was. Sitting away, enjoying the nice weather, from this very nice day. And then comes the wind and a glimmer of light, they both bothered me greatly, and I tried to ignore them with all of my might. But I broke, I snapped, my mind really went wack, I yelled out into the day - Why don't you stop all of that!!!! It was quite the outburst. Quite silly looking I'm sure. But it was realy and honest, totally pure. I sit in the shade, I hide from the sun, that glimmer of light really had me undone. The wind? no worries, I've too much hair, there isn't a wind that can get into there. But the light, oh the light, it just wasn't right. I glared at the sun until it was finally night. 


Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Leading Moment

[Whenever you're wondering 'who's in charge here,' look for the person with the highest ground.]

Standing tall above high, the leader looked down at you and I. We'd lost our map, skinned our knees, we hadn't listened to our leaders pleas. It was a bad moment. I had many regrets. I could see my friend shaking with fret. But it was all for neigh, as our leader looked up to the sky, all that was heard was his long suffering sigh. My shoulders slumped, by unease was dumped, not a mean word was uttered, not even a harrumph. And so off we went on our descent, back to our home, from whence we were sent. To retrieve the item we had left, a bit of food, my friend hadn't wanted to heft. It would be a long trek, the weight of food balancing on my neck, we certainly won't be back in a sec. But soon enough still, our correction would be full-filled, and no longer will we disappoint we thought with a thrill. 

[Don't forget the food on a camping trip campers!]

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Let's Just be Happy

[Cheerfulness if very nice.]

Bring in the band, call in the troops.
Dance all night!
Put this song on loop.
Clear off the floor,
Lay down some beats.
Let's kick back.
And rock with our feet.
Let's enjoy the day.
Celebrate the night.
Let's revel in the joy.
And let our spirits take flight.
Dance around in the corner
Take a partner for a spin.
Bring a smile to our faces.
Celebrate our win.

[Happy happy happy times, bring some cheer, squash some whines.]

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Let's Make Up

[So I may have expressed some angry feeling yesterday - stupid copier - and now I feel we should all come together and hug this one out.]

I may have been angry.
Or terribly upset.
But that was no reason,
To make your eyes all wet.
My feelings are my own.
And you owe me nothing for them
So I should have burdened you
With my lack of zen.
I'm sorry.
I am.
And in full.
I'm sorry my words
Were so very uncool.

[Sharing the happy!]

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Bunny Day and all That Jazz

[I was feeling all excited about a great long weekend and then needed to produce a report that took hours and never got anywhere because I couldn't get the report program to work properly. I know you'all know how I'm feeling right now...]

I should be having the time of my life. But no, I'm annoyed my day is filled with strife. I should have gotten loads and loads done, but no, in the end I was completely undone. I should be giggling and playing with the kids, but no, I'm annoyed and walking around throwing lids. Things that seem easy, should be just that. I should not be huffing and puffing, steam shouldn't be blowing off my hat. I could SCREAM! But people would just think I was mean. No, it's their fault. Those people who made things seem all so easy, easy peezie, lemon squeezie. But it was wasn't easy, not at all. It was surely, my complete downfall. So boo on them, those terrible people, messing up my day, making me feel old and feeble. I hope they know, just how much they messed up. And they better fix it, because I"m not giving up! I will annoy and pester until my very last day, because I do't let up, I don't go away. They crossed the wrong person, when they messed up their codes, and they will regret it, loads and loads. 

[I'm very pestery when I want to be, bad programmers be warned....]
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