Thursday, September 21, 2017

Been There Over the Rainbow

[Maybe a walk in the woods, the smell of pine is so wonderful.]

I'm in the woods, looking around and along comes this bear. He has HUGE feet and hair...just everywhere. In his ears and everything. And then he speaks. I mean SPEAKS! My legs went weak. But he was actually kind of nice. So I had to think twice. Maybe A bear is just as scary as mice. So there we are, chatting away. And there went the day. I'm headed back tomorrow so we can play.

[I'm thinking the roar was hard to ignore.]

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Been a bit Beezy

[Enjoying the last throws of summer before fall kicks in.]

I'm righting my course
And headed for you.
I'm charging ahead
Not around
You are my target
You are my goal
I'll be there soon
My role
I'm setting the bar
And setting my sights on you.
If I were someone else
I'd be targetting you too
A goal isn't reached
Without the urge to charge
That's why so many goals
are still at large
So charge away
Rush that zone
My success is onlyfound
Where heroes roam. 

[A chipper day, where bees play.]

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Beauty Day

[Remember a few months ago when pretty flowers abounded? yeah, me neither.]

I'm going to look for the blooms in every scene,
Look for the splash of color in green
Look for the whisp of warmth in each hue
And then I'm going to look at you.
The blooms will make your face so sweet
The green will spring up and around at your feet
And the warmth will bring more color to your eyes
And then I'll gasp 'Oh my, oh my.'
I needed that warmth to warm my soul
A little green is better than coal.
And so my friend, I do extol
Today is a wonderful day.

[Happy, cheerful, pleasant day, to you my friend, on this lovely Tuesday.]

Monday, September 18, 2017

Everyone Line Up

[Now that's a nice set of owls...]

When we stand in a line, we become stronger than just one, we become mighty and magnificent, and when together, we've won. We've won the battle against loneliness, the scrimmage against solitaire, we're better together, better even as a pair. 

[I like the purple one. You?]

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Happy Days are Coming

[I like to sit by the well and just think about how many quarters might be down there. 
Just like in Goonies.]

Counting one, two, three
I've got lots of counting
For you and me.
There's that one time
When you yelled really load
There's those two times
When you succeeded and I was proud
There's that third time
When I wasn't so cheered
When it was the fourth time
When your check hadn't cleared.
But the fifth time
Really set me off
Until you gave me a car
With soft leather and cloth.
So today,
On the sixth
I'll say I'm happy I got my wish
'Cause you are the sweetest son
I'll ever miss
But off you must go
On the seventh day
Off to college
Not to play
To learn new things and aspire
To utter greatness
Someone to admire
A great man
Someone ready to inspire.

[See now, Goonies, that was a great movie.]

Monday, September 11, 2017

Asleep for a Week

[In the last throws of summer, I get a bit reflective.]

 I see the future
And my past.
I remember enjoying
And celebrating
Each die cast.
Some roads were rough
Quite a mess
But the adventure
Was the best.
Each rough tumble
Every high and low.
I celebrated
The eb and flow.
And here now
In the warmth of the setting sun
I'm ready to head back out
And have fun.

[Another warm day.]

Friday, September 1, 2017

Venture On

[The weekend has come and people are out, remember to say excuse, and then maybe don't shout.]

Rest your spirits.
Calm your mind.
It's now the weekend.
You have time.
Think through your thoughts
Imagine your dreams
Keep you spirits high
And your space clean
Spread yourself out
And fill your space
Say 'this is mine!'
And you're almost there.
Brush your teeth
Twice or three times
Tell yourself
A few awesome rhymes
Then build yourself up
Stand up super tall
And remember quote loudly
I can handle it all.

[Happy Friday friends, enjoy your weekend.]

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Summer Away

[That moment when you wish you'd gone camping for the summer.]

As if I liked camping
As if I liked trees
I'm a coffee shop girl
Extra cream if you please
Sure I like birds
And little critters too
But I'm happy right here
I can see animals on the tube.
The bugs are what gets me
Too many legs for me.
I'll hang out right here
Where it's totally bug free.
But you go ahead
Have all the fun you want
I'll be waiting for you.
When you want to eat and not hunt.

[Mmmm, doughnut and coffee....]

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Meeting at Dawn

[Star-crossed and meant to be, two happy friends, meeting for tea.]

I happened upon, two friends meeting for tea. And they were remarkably, nice to me. They invited me in, offered me pie, they told me stories about birds flying high. I was enamored by them. Those two old friends. They were nice, so nice, they chatted till the end. It made me think, that I had some serious things to do, if I wanted to end my days, with such a great friend or two. So off I went, a new vision in mind, about friends who are welcoming, friendly, and kind.

[Let's go friends! One new friend at a time, 
we're going to share some cheerful, happy, hilarious rhyme.]

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Lead In Charge

[I'm thinking that perhaps, someone other than me needs to be in charge.]

I was thinking of leading,
But not anymore.
You're all a bunch of trouble
Don't look at the floor!
You don't listen, or behave
You yell and run around
It's like showing up at a rave!
I could be home
Baking a pie.
But no, I show up here
And OH MY!
There were things flying everywhere
A mess on the floor
And I'm telling you now.
No More
No More.
You will clean up
You will follow the rules
You'll do what your told
Or I'll fire all you fools!

[Maybe I will lead, I have a rhythm to it (ps. it's not nice to call people fools)]

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Fam is All Here

[My latest set of patterns. A bit of everything there.]

A strong four
Ready to assemble
Ready to roar.
Never alone
Never on your own
Ready to come running
Strong to the core.
Just call out
We'll be there
We know what you're about.

[I am a big fan of my family/posse, keeping them close is very important.] 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Another Friday, Another Sunny Day

[Fridays, time for fun.]

On Monday we worked
On Tuesday, Wednesday lurked
On Thursday, I took a break
On Friday, I bake.

I bake cookies and pies.
A potato, side of fries.
Candy so good
Sister cries.

On Saturday I run
For fun
I play
All day
I excel
At sleeping the day away.

On Sunday
We prepare for Monday
And hope for one day
When Monday
Is a day off.

[Happy Friday!] 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Bit Like You

[I'm a twin, so this rhymes with me.]

I look like you, you look like me.
We are both little hoppers
And a bit care free
We laugh at flowers
We cry at tea
We sing in the wind
Twiddle Dee Dee
We are quite different
For sure
And for real
But all those differences
Are no big deal.
Because you're like me
And I'm like you
And when we're mean to eachother
We're both quite blue.

[Cheerful! Happy! A bit of a hug!]

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A New Adventure

[When the day darkens, lighten it up!]

I will embark, and set my path. For a fun new place, to run and laugh. There are such places, I'm sure I'll find. And it's there I want to be, there I want to spend my time. Not sure what I'll discover, not sure what I'll see, but I'm sure I'll enjoy learning how fun an adventure can be. And you can come, just pack up your stuff, I've got room for you, plenty is enough. It'll be fun together, wandering around, and with you there, I'll always be found.

[What a nice August, almost over though. Soon it'll be school and halloween all the time!]

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Night by the Sea

[Watched the solar eclipse today, it was magical]

The darkness comes first
Creeping slowly before a sprint to the finish
Then darkness
A cold wind has started,
It teases me.
I remember a time as a child
A night cold and dark like tonight.
But no smell of salt
Not like now.
The sea calls to me
Beckons me forward
Calls me to its depths
I dive, deeper still
Ever darker
I drink my fill
Swimming, swimming
Swimming still.

[Hmm, now what animal could that be? Puzzle for the day]

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friends for All Time

[I don't think we're peas in a pod. More like books in a bag. 
We're similar, but always bumping into each other.]

I go when you stay.
I climb when you play.
I succumb when you run into the fray.
But not today.
Today I'm going to be you.
And you be me too.
Be excited about cheese
Always say please
Eat the carrots and the peas
Then ice cream from the freeze.
I'll be silly and sometimes bad.
But always rad.
And wearing the latest fad
And never sad.
And now I'll be me.
And you be you too.
Because that's what friends do.

[I'll be you, and you be me too.]

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Put your Anger in the Right Place

[I've got one of these, comes out with its 8 arms and messes up the place. You?]

A bubbling at first, alerts me to the storm. 
A wreckage of anger.
Fighting to be born.
I could push it down, reject the onslaught.
But what woudl be the benefit,
Of a fight not fought.
I say, "Bring on that storm."
Let your me run free.
Let the raging begin and end just as soon.
And you'll sipping tea by noon.
But holding it in, can take all day
And then you won't see the beauty
In a sunny ray.
You'll storm and fill the day with clouds.
When you could have gotten over it.
With a few stomps and yelling loud.
But be careful
And always remember the cause
It's you that caused it
Not anyone that gave you pause.
So rage on your own
Share your anger with only you
Because being mean to others
Is something you should never do.

[Self recitation? might be...]

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Lilac and Spruce

[I'm not saying I like lilac, but I'm not saying I like spruce either.]

A pie in the face is what I deserve ace. A kiss on the cheek would just make me look weak. I'm a maverick, a fiend, I'm not nice, I'm mean. But for you I'll change, for you I'll evolve, but don't expect me to be different, I'm a puzzle you can't solve. There's no key for me, no off button you can see. And just when you think you have me all figured out, I'll just reset and then run about. Enjoy me as I am, then wait for me to change, remember to relax, and I'll come running like a bang!

Love the chaos, love the friend.

[Like all special family holidays, there's that one unpredictable friend we love so much.]

Monday, August 14, 2017

Did You Hear That?

[Another weekend gone. More gardening completed. But oh goodness, 
I could do without the weed-wacker.]

Sitting in the sun, a bit of grass in my hair.
Listening to the rustle
Of my cute ones, the pair.
The giggles are electic
Exciting each cell
A joy to watch them run
A happiness that does compell
I want that kind of spirit
I want that level of fun
I want to enjoy it too
So let's go kids! Here I come.

[And another week to go, but just watch me, go go go]

Friday, August 11, 2017

A Change of Scenery

[I needed to get outside. Enjoy a bit of air. So I thought, why don't we all go there!]

There's time my friend, for you and I. We fight sometimes, we make each other cry. But that's how you learn, to get along. When you come back together and admit you were wrong. When you think of your friends, before yourself. When you work together, to defeat the envious elf. You hold together, tight as stone, you don't abandon each other, don't leave a friend alone. I'm headed out now, to see a chick-a-dee. A good friend, to me. And I hope you are too, and I wish you all the best. Now head off now! Go see the rest.

[Happy Friday! Have a fun weekend.]

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fun Outdoors

[I like little green bunnies. They are the cutest.]

You know when you go, hopping to and fro, you mix people up, wondering "where are they headed?" "I don't know."
And I think, "you know what" I know where they go, they're headed to the valley where the snow doesn't go. 
They head there in groups, in gatherings, and flocks. To throw off their jacket, sweaters, and smocks.
In the valley the sun shines each day of the year, and the weather is warm and the sky always clear.
Head there now, and meet them for tea, I'll be headed there too, you can meet me.

[mmmm, warm every day. Would like that.]

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Let Me Pose a Question

[That time when that person came running up and you got all excited because someone was rushing over to chat, and then all they said was 'can you hold my keys?']

Left out again and I'm feeling cold. I was standing in line, but perhaps I'm too old. No one picked me, didn't looked at me twice. I was ready to play, I would have been nice. Oh well, their loss, because I pretty great. They won't have as much fun, and that's their fate. I'm going shopping and buying new shoes. See how they like, feeling like old news.

[I'd pick you..swear.]

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Spring Flowers are All Gone

[It occurs to me that soon school will be back and the kids will be gone and the weather will be getting cold and the flowers will be replaced by orange leaves.]

The air is getting cooler
Not much, but just enough.
To remind me I'm out of time
To lay about in the buff
The days are getting shorter
No time for me you know
To get a bit of color
On my skin and toes
Soon the weather will change
The winds will being cool air
I'll be sad to grab my sweater
The seasons are sometimes unfair.

[Happy August!]

Monday, August 7, 2017

I Slept too Late

[Back to the day-to-day....meh, let's play]

I was asleep when you called
Slumbering in the dawn
I had work to do, but I hadn't recalled
I was deep in thought
And try as I might
I was caught.
One dream morphed into another.
And I could barely recover
But I'm here now
Ready to start
But now the day is over
Tomorrow, I'll take work to heart.

[Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow.]

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Puppy of a Time

[The summer has past the tipping point! I'll sure miss it, need to get out there and enjoy the weather for another month before it's all gone!]
I may say that I want you to go.
I may push you away when you want to stay.
I may encourage, cajole, and demand.
But friend.
I hope you understand.
I want you to stay!
I do, I promise you.
But I also don't want you to stay.
I'm tired and ready for you to go
On your way.
I'm conflicted!
And unsure
But my heart is pure
And if I wasn't so tired
I'd say STAY!
for sure.

[Happy 1/2 past summer! hahaha... soon it will be craft show weather. The best time of year.]

Monday, July 31, 2017

New Beginnings at Midnight

[A little R&R, but I didn't go far. This summer is on par, to be the hottest thus far.]

I have a secret my friend.
Can you come closer and pretend?
I don't want the others to hear
They'll be jealous I fear.
I enjoy each day
Because I have you with which to play.
You are brighter than the sunlight
And your warm permeates through
Are my favorite, 
solid and true.
I know I am difficult
Hard to understand
But you stay stoic
And provide me solid land
And I know when needed
You'll rock out with my band.
So thanks to you dear friend
Thanks to you and so much more
You, dear friend.
I truly adore.

[Rock out with your bestie this week and happy soon to be August!]

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Peace of Mind

[When the going gets tough, just remember, you're enough.]

I'm pretty confident
And sure
That I'm pretty awesome
And more
I'm pretty perfect
Quote a lot
I'm ever overflowing
Every pot
I cross all my tees
And my eyes
Every dot
That's a lot.

[Happy Wednesday!]

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Prideful Ambition

[I strive, and I dive, and eventually, I will arrive.]

I refuse to be less than I am.
To be quiet when I am not
To hold fast when I want to RUN PAST.
Not me, not last.

I scream for air, 
I reach for release,
I fight for all that's worthwhile,
And pursue everlasting peace.

I will not suppress
To look like the rest
I will not imagine someone other than me
When I look in the mirror to see
I want to see me.

I will not select something other
I will not pretend
I will ask for what I want
My friend.

And you shouldn't ask any less from me.
As I ask
I too want YOU to be free
Free to be you
In every color and shape and size
In every magical surprise
To be us
A prize.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Channeling a Few Thoughts

It's summer and it's hot, 
and I'm so busy, 
My head is filled with thought. 
I hope my apples don't rot.

I hope I get the laundry done.
I've run out of clothes,
Dirty clothes at work is no fun.
And I need to run.

Off I go again.
When you see this,
Click send.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bigger Than Life

Been working all day
All day and night
Gotta get it finished
Gotta get it right
Can't phone it in
Can't break for zen
Just add coffee
And keep going till the end
Perfection is impossible
But I can try
And I will continue
To seek perfection
And not just get by.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bring it Together

[A new staff person is joining the team today. So excited!]
I was sitting at a table set for one.
Sipping my water, having no fun.
I'd forgotten my book,
And this cute old lady was giving me a look.
I needed help! And out of no where you arrived
It was quite the surprise.

Even though we'd never met before then
I really felt that we were kin
We talked books and movies
Games and fun
And we invited over all those
Sitting at their own tables of one.
A game broke out,
And we enjoyed the night
And at the end of it all
I felt pretty alright.

[Happy Monday! Hope your day is filled with new fun things!]

Friday, July 7, 2017

On this Friday

[Another wonderful summer rain rolled in and covered everything is a significant amount 
of wetness. But the flowers!....]

And the rain came.
I sat alone in quiet
Writing my thoughts.
I whispered to myself
As I sat on my cot.
The room became darker
Darker than before
And sky began to thunder
As my skin paled.
And the rain came.
In thunderous sheets
And pounding pellets from the sky
I shuddered and hunched down.
Hoping it would blow by
My thoughts were on other things
But not for long
Not with the unrelenting throng
I needed to listen
And soak in the sounds
When the rain came
I was found.

[Happy happy crochet Friday. Happy crocheting this weekend.. maybe in the a storm.]

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Being Friendly

[I hope everyone had a fun weekend! Now we're back to work and getting busy!]

It was not a day for working
Not a day for toil
The sun was out
It was beginning to boil
Water was needed
And lots of it
Water to hide from the sun
Towering above it.
So off we ran
No time for food or fan
To settle in for a day
Of staying as cool as we can
We told jokes and laughed
We got pretty wet trading a splash
And then the day began to settle
The sun began to fade
We both headed home
To sleep in our beds that we made. 

[That's how I imagine the weekend went, but I admit mine was filled with a few more childish tantrums and an unforgivable amount of pink lemonade.]

Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday is Fabulous

[For those of you enjoying a long weekend, may the sparklers be bright.]

Unabashedly brilliant
In every way.
I don't need to fit in
To play
I'm boisterous
and wonderful
And all around great
I only have good things
As my fate.
I'm cheerful and kind
I don't tend to wine
And being your friend
Would be awfully fine.
Bring in the band
Play a few tunes
Let's have us some fun
This sunny afternoon.

[happy happy, cheerful on top, get out and party, until you flop.]

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Fresh Summer Day

[My favorite animal, my favorite color, my favorite time of year.]

I can't be glum with the sun shining so bright
I can't be sad, it just isn't right.
The rays of warmth should cheer me up.

But I look down sadly into this cup.
Maybe it's the drink that is now all hot

Or the sandwich that fell on the ground to rot.
Maybe it's the skin on my knee that is now red
I didn't like falling and now I want to fall back to bed.
I shouldn't be glum with the sun shining so bright.
But I guess sometimes you just can't fight.
I mean, "my sandwich!" I said with wild gestures
It was so delicious, and now it'll just fester.
I would have eaten it
And now my knee hurts
And when I fell and skinned it, it got covered in dirt
So now I'll get an infection
And need antibiotics
So yea, this day, definitely doesn't rock it.
But that's ok,
Tomorrow will be better
The weather man is calling for rain and bad weather. 

[It's cheerful, but not at the same time. Just like Thursday.]

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I Think We Should Recalibrate

[So stoked that I completed my elephant pattern the other day. 
Makes me want to keep going! And try new patterns.]

I've grabbed my things
And I'm headed out.
Gonna discover this world
And what it's all about
There's a calling in the wind
Singing to me
It says DEPART!
And I'm ready to be free.
So off I go
Into the wind.
Where this journey ends
My new one begins. 

[Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week!]

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Elephant up High

[I'm just tickled pink y'all. My elephant pattern is now complete and published! Check out Etsy to purchase a crochet kit and Ravelry to purchase the pattern. So now some cheerful poetry.]

A cheerful day,
A day of play

A fun event
Didn't cost a cent.

I just ran around
And guzzled water down.

And ran some more
Because I'm no bore.

It was wonderful!
I totally rule.

And you my dear
Are a jewel.

[Happy Tuesday! Hope you're enjoying a warm, happy, entertaining, and successful week!]

Monday, June 26, 2017

Team Challenge

[I *could do it all on my own. But I'm not an engineer, so you better help.]

I go where you go,
I do what you do,
It works better for me.
Than it does for you.

You get mad
But never at me
You try several times
But simply can't see

So we move on
And try as you might
I continue to excel
And you continue to fight

You make a great leader
Simply the best
But let me be better
At all the rest

It's ok to just lead
And make good decisions
You don't need to be skilled
At nuclear fission.

I'll follow your lead
And let you take point
And when I build spaceships
Don't let your nose twist out of joint.

Together we'll fly high
And explore all of space
And we'll do it together
Because we were a team and it wasn't a race.

[To those special people in our lives that know how to read Ikea instructions, you rock.]

Friday, June 23, 2017

Climb Higher

[It is finally Friday, it's been a long week. Lot's of happenings. Time for fun.]

I will climb up.
I won't give in.
You'll lift me higher
Just bend down and I'll dig in.

It's you for me.
My success is won.
You'll lift me higher.
Or we're both undone. 

I reach up.
Nearly there.
I just need your height.
I don't have a chair.

And once on top?
I'll rule this world.
One awesome success.
A new path unfurled.

Only up from here.
With you walking the path.
I'll sit comfortably
Up on your back. 

Let's ride!

[Ok, so obviously, everyone go claim that victory on your own or with a team. Go find a chair, don't be mean. Happy Friday.]

News!! My Elephant pattern is now available on Etsy as a kit and Ravelry as a pattern. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm Reaching

[It was a rough day today. I think I need more sunlight to brighten me up.]

Let the sun shine on you
Let the warmth kiss your skin
Take a minute
And drink the brightness in.

Set aside your worries
For just a moment in your day
A few minutes
To let the annoying stuff fade away.

Feel refreshed in the summer sun
Ready to head out again
And not be undone.
You're stronger still
For what you've done
Taking a minute
Means you've won.

[Ahh, that's just what I needed. Sunlight and cheerfulness. Pass it on!]

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Bit Gruff

[We haven't see the bug boss in a while so, I thought I'd dust him off for a bit of fun. Sometimes, you need to let your evil out right? A little hiding the remote control to make you feel better. Only cheeky pranks for this little bug.]

When I thought I'd be free
You came back to bother me.
With your cheerful spirit
And annoying glee.

I'm lost in my thoughts,
No time for your joy.
You think you're friendly,
But you really do annoy.

My concentration is wrecked.
My brain tired and bedecked,
By your happy tales
Which are embellished I suspect.

Be off with you!
Leave me to my blue
I'm not ready to entertain
Or the fat to chew.

Just monotone thoughts
Or a curse or two
Is what I have planned
And there's no room for you.

Try the neighbor down the way
She's always up for play
Or a puzzle on a Sunday
Or happy words to say.

I'm not fit for visiting
No fun at all.
You deserve better
Than my angry free-for-all

Try me again tomorrow
Or the next day, or further still
Eventually my anger will reach it's fill.
And then I'll welcome you
And cheer your arrival.
But not today
Today is about survival.

[Fighting through the angries is hard work, keep hydrated, we'll all wait you out.]

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Around Town

[No caption, just enjoy]

There is no better place.

Here I feel the warmth on my feet, the sunny day on my crown. I'm at peace in this day, I was looking and I found.

I peered down, amongst the grass and the stones and I saw you, and I wasn't alone. We're together in this place, enjoying the sky. Enjoying the atmosphere that surrounds and floats by.

And we can be peaceful together, a unifying calm. A happiness that follows and covers like balm. It won't last I know, and soon the present will show. But in the past we can revel in how fantastical we thought we'd grow.

[Aww, life makes dreamers out of all of us.]

Pony pattern found here

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Playful Spirit

[Did everyone enjoy a nice weekend? I sure hope so. It was kind of special day over the weekend ... Father's Day!! to all the father figures out there and the mom's pulling double duty, 
thanks for being so great.]

A bit of fun each day
You always find time for play
I was worried about school
You said it was cool.
Together we'd count the day away.

You taught me to read and write
You encouraged me not to fight
You gave me hugs
Protected me from bugs
And in the darkness, you gave me light.

I love who you
I love you from near or far.
Together we're strong
We always get along
Your the best and brightest star.

[And a new week is here!]

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer is Hot

[In breaking news, it was super hot today.]

A big ball of light,
Hotter than fire
Sits above us all
Never to expire
It rotates with grace
Convulses with fury
It fills us with terror
Wonder and worry.
Plants worship the ball
Looking up each day
To catch every glimmer
Gleam and ray
We treasure the warmth
And cheer that it brings
It makes things seem happy
And is good for all things.
And at night we are sad
Until daylight breaks again
We look up cheerfully
And ask where it's been.
But the ball never tells
Never says a thing
So we're left to wonder
About the ball that was king.

[Yes, worship the ball, it brings the light. Mmmm, light.]

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Conflict Brewing

[When all looks peaceful, that's when it strikes.]

I think you're treasuring me, but really your appraising what you see. My worth is quite large, but you see only ones, I'm a monster of awesome, you think I'm all done. I'm just warming up, readying to strike, you see weakness and things you don't like. You're not giving me credit, only seeing my flaws, I'm rocking great things, but you're only giving ta tas. Well, that is all fine. Head out your own way. I've got magical things, I'm planning to today. I'll miss you of course, but only so much. I saw in you greatness, but you only saw what you couldn't touch. And I need my time for bigger things, greater paths, and new songs to sing. I'm ever expanding to fill my own space, you're looking for something, but not in the race. So ta ta my friend, I wish you the best, now I'm off to discover happiness and zest.

[Enjoy exploring today!]

Monday, June 12, 2017

Backup in Case of Spills

[My partner in crime is anti-crime. Makes for a goody combination.]

We are not always in tune.
Our thoughts don't always match.
We rarely like the same things.
But we've never hit a rough patch.

I like that you are different
You make me think of new things.
We could argue for hours
But treat each other like rationale beings.

And when I get hurt
Or am feeling especially sad.
You are there no matter what
And that makes me so glad.

So keep being you.
And liking what you do.
I wouldn't have you any other way.
You're the best
At being you.

[Ok, no more mushy awesome friendship poetry. Only cheeky silly stuff until Friday...maybe.]

Friday, June 9, 2017

When the Tired Sets In

[It's been such a long week. I may sleep all weekend and get nothing done.]

I'd open my eyes, but they'd only drift slowly shut.
I need to run errands, but here I am
Sitting on my butt.
It's not that I'm in a rutt.
I'm tired.

I keep going at a monstrous pace
Taking on each task like it's a race
And now
My exhaustion is my most important case.
I'm tired.

So I will sit.
Right here.
Really with no fear.
Because you can't get me to move
My dear.
I'm unmovable today.
Today I will not play
I will not work.
I'm not being a jerk,
I'm tired.

[Happy Friday all!! I'll be getting lots of rest!]
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