Monday, December 19, 2016

What'd You Get Me

[It's the elusive question that all ask, but never want to answer. Because you want to surprise someone, it's fun and when you think you've got the IT thing, you want to see the elation hit there face. Obviously, you could really really fail at this, but it's worth it for the chance. The small chance...]

I bought jewels and a dress,
I made a card (I made a mess)
I cooked a dinner and bought wine.
I volunteer complements all the time.
I think of fun things to say.
And then wait for the right time and day.
But I admit I'm at a loss.
At night I turn and toss.
During the day I look and look.
But you'll never know the time I took.
All you see is a small sliver of me.
In the little present you see.
I just hope you understand.
That this present is a symbol of something grand. 
Something special and good.

Now come on, let's go get food. 

[Happy December!]
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