Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday In the Snow

[December 1st! So close, so far, presents and family time and har har har!]

Sam was worried and looking around in haste. Mouse was anxious to leave this place. There was something happening and they didn't now what. But their skin was tingling, and there was a 'put, put, put.' A motor? The wind? A monster? A friend? Who could tell, but it was scary, you kin? So off they scampered single file in line, but OH NO it was all for not, they hadn't left in time. Out from the sky, falling with speed, four snow balls completed the deed. A cold icy splash, hit one in the back, a wet icy ball his Sam with a smack. A few silly friends, rolled out from the snow, they were giggling and ticked and cackled like a crow. Sam and Mouse were annoyed for a bit, but then the game was on and the kids ran in a fit. Each made snow balls and tossed them aloft, and they landed on other, not at all a bit soft.

And for hours they giggled, and played in the snow. And they had so much fun, being silly and putting on a great show.

[Happy Happy December!!]
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