Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Summer Bee vs Snow

[I have to admit, I'm more of a summer bee. The's just not for me.]

I climb up
There's a wind
And the air is thick.
I need to get through
And quick.
The effort is so great.
I feel sick.
But I climb up.

I climb up
To the highest peak
Where the weather stops
Is where I seek.
I fall in the snow
And feel weak.
But I climb up.

I climb up
For you and all
So that we can win this fall.

I climb up
To find the truth
For you I search and sleuth.

And in the cold
And bitter wind.
I climb up.

To see my friend.
A person in red
With a bushy beard
Just jolly
Not weird.
A friend so happy to see
This little insignificant bee.
And so through the night
And cold day.
I skipped breakfast
Had no time play.
But I climbed up.

On Christmas Day.

[That wonderful bee. Isn't he nice to check on Santa for me? Happy soon-to-be holidays friends!]

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