Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry in the Light

[All the packages were wrapped, boxed, and shipped by Monday, so excited to have that done!]

Oh Santa, will we ever be done? There are just so many children waiting for presents to come. I feel I've been wrapping and packing and tying things with a bow and now I'm just frazzled and where are my scissors? I don't know. I've lost them in the workshop and I don't know where, it's because I'm so busy and I don't have time to get a new pair. I want the kids to be happy, for the night to be a success, but I feel we're strapped for time and the workshop is a mess. Can you call in the reindeer and call in the elves and call for all our friends to start emptying the shelves. Bring us the gadgets, the gizmos, and games and I'll wrap them all pretty, I'll wrap them all the same. And then we'll be done, finally done, and then off you can go to deliver every one. 

Yes yes, I will do all those things. I will even wrap presents myself, until the bell rings. Then off I go, into the air one more time, to delivery the presents to each house in line. 

[Six days to go, and a few nights as well, but it looks awfully likely, that Christmas will be swell.]
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