Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Looking in the Wrong Places

[I've been having difficulty hiding the presents from the kids. They are very sneaky and I have limited places to hide things...]

You can't hide from me. I'll find you under the tree. Or under the sofa, you'll be as clear as can be. You need to come out, show all you're about. Be free with your wrapping, your glamour you should tout. It's not easy be wanted, not easy at all. But I will find in the end, I will not be daunted. So reveal yourself, and celebrate with me. Because presents need to be opened, to really be free.

Oh presents, wonderful presents,
Sitting under my tree.
I'm so happy, just so happy.
To have you here with me.
Oh presents, wonderful presents,
All unwrapped and opened up
I'm so glad you're what I wanted.
And now let's clean up!

[Only 12 days to go, so close, so far.]
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