Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bringing the Magic In Crochet Valley

[I realize that some may not believe in Santa and we all may believe in different holidays and really, that's a great thing. Because we all believe and the fun of it being the holidays is all about being hopeful and kind to each other, regardless of various religious or non-religious events. So Happy Thursday, happy December, and Merry new year :) Plus, have fun crocheting :P]

We share a common heritage from one to you to all. And each year we like to celebrate each other, the small ones and the tall. So it's not about the differences or even the things that are the same, but that our caring and generosity are out in full force, and we make that very plain. We give to those in need, be it kids or family or friends, and also to those we don't know, those who's hearts our generosity helps to mend. A feeling of togetherness brings us all together this time of year, and hopefully just hopefully, it will extend to all of next year. So I'll see you at the table where we meet to share some food, and I'll see you at the store, where we buy some fancy goods. And I'll meet you at work or later for lunch today, and I'll meet you later tonight, so we can hang out after a long day. But let's meet up and spend some time, to really remember who we are, and to remind ourselves our differences are good and the space between us, isn't very far.  

[I love me some happy poetry, don't you? Makes you all cheerful and stuff. Happy Thursday friends, have fun sewing in those ends.]
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