Monday, December 12, 2016

Bringing the Holidays to Work

[I may have a holiday cold, it's just to sad to bare.]

I'm missing the day
I missing the week.
I'm missing the cheerful cries of the meek.

And I'm tired of missing each event, 
Special and new

I'm tired of missing
All the special moments too.

That time when the pie, 
Slipped right out of your hands.
That time when it was hot 
And you had all those fans.
That time when your order
Was all mixed up and wrong.
That time when Uncle Patrick
Introduced us to Uncle Tom.

I want to be there!
In the mix and the fun.
I want to be there,
With everyone.

So that's it,
This is it.
This is really it.
I'm bringing the holidays
To right where I sit.

We'll eat dinner at the desk.
Play games in the hall.
I'm sure no one will notice.
Not anyone at all.

[Holidays are rough, bring some cheer to your work neighbor so near.]

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