Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Party in Eighteen Days

[A bit too much fun, a bit too much play, but I'll take you over work, any day.]

Two friends in the park. Two hours before dark. Getting ready for adventure. Getting ready for fun, I'd venture. But there's something amiss, something that might wreck their bliss. A little hurdle from the past, they'll need to get over fast. What to do they thought, one was just over-wrought. But then they remembered their rule, no worries, we're cool. So they hugged it out, 'cause that's what friendship's all about. And off they went, with snowballs making their ascent. 

Lesson learned?
Being friends is earned.
Don't worry about being spurned.
Just listen and be concerned.
And bad feelings will quickly be overturned.

Oh, yeah, and the holidays are awesome.
And outdoor games help friendships blossom.

[Lovin' the holidays. So fun for all. I'm really excited y'all.]
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