Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Few Days Late in Crochet Valley

[Hit with the flu, what else is new. Christmas was rough, what was I do do.]

Through a storm they travel in hail and wind. Through rain and thunder, over hills, around bends. With a stiff upper limp, a jaw set just so, they kept going, through the night, through the snow. And while some were late, some were tardy by far, a sleigh was the only way, they couldn't get there by car. So off they went, continuing their trip, to delivery each package to each happy cheek, merry chip. And with a happy wave, they set off again, to search for the next little one, with a happy face and dirty chin. 

[A merry, happy, joyous December. I hope everyone is feeling their best, but if not, my condolences to the rest.]
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