Friday, December 9, 2016

A Count Down Crochet Style

[I feel like all of December is a count down. There are a few holidays, like New Years and then those cool ones between now and New Years, and my niece's birthday. It just keeps going. So whichever one you're counting down to, here's on for you.]

There's only one drink at this party.
Only two entrees on the bar.

There aren't any plates.
And you've put out a tip jar.

The decoration are dusty.
Three mistletoe is too much.
I'm sorry it's impolite,
To decorate with Tiny Tim's crutch.

Four chairs for five guests,
A bathrooms that's locked.
At this rate by midnight,
The road will be blocked.

Six hours of music,
A little much for one night.
Especially when a seventh is planned.
I'm gonna lose it, I just might.

It's Eight and I'm leaving.
I really must go.
I'm headed straight home
To kiss my honey under mistletoe.

[A little pre-holiday fun with my lovely loved one. Happy Friday!]
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