Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Bit of Snow in Crochet Valley

[We had a out first dusting of snow the other day. Not like other places that have had foots of snow, but it was enough that we all felt winter upon us.]

There is a flurry on the ground in crochet valley. And there are unhappy critters (I'm taking a tally). There's the owls at house number two, and that bug that has wings and is blue. Ms. Bird was mad when I popped in. She said snow on the ground wasn't reason to check in. And then Mr. Bear, he was laughing a playing without a care. Which annoyed the bunnies and the chicks, they were annoyed and some were sick. 

So there you go, tally done. The count at happy, only one.

But not to worry, it's still early. Come holiday time, they tend to fall in line. And then they're off on an icy slope, while Momma owl yells "Nope Nope Nope!" And the kids all laugh and giggle, while the elephant falls and wiggles. Trying to ice skate, when it's not in his fate. 

A happy time here in crochet valley, When snow this the houses and every ally. And while annoyance comes first, it's glad to see that happiness eventually bursts.

So happy snow day to you and yours, if on two feet or on fours. 

[Happy snow day!! Have fun making snow people and having fun!]
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