Friday, December 30, 2016

The Crochet End of 2016

It's been 364 days, we're nearly there. 
Just one more day, to lay things bare. 

To clean out the closets, wash all the rugs, 
to cut all those ties, that give you frequent tugs. 

And emerge from the cloud of 2016, 
to charge toward a new year, free and clean.

A bright day awaits, just a day away,
I'm ready to run towards it, away from the fray.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sharing the Holidays

[All friends and colleagues, guests and friends. I'll feed them all, with cookies and roasted hens.]

The aliens are coming and they're bringing homemade pie. 
Alien pie, it's sweet, and it can fly. 
That's a sweet piece of space and I'm looking forward to the fun, 
of seeing us all flying when the pie is all done. 

I'm setting the table, inviting all around, 
I'm opening my doors, to the people that can be found. 
And we'll feast and laugh, until the darkness comes. 
And only when we're all full, will the fun be done. 

[Hoping you're enjoying a joyful holiday with friends and all]

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Few Days Late in Crochet Valley

[Hit with the flu, what else is new. Christmas was rough, what was I do do.]

Through a storm they travel in hail and wind. Through rain and thunder, over hills, around bends. With a stiff upper limp, a jaw set just so, they kept going, through the night, through the snow. And while some were late, some were tardy by far, a sleigh was the only way, they couldn't get there by car. So off they went, continuing their trip, to delivery each package to each happy cheek, merry chip. And with a happy wave, they set off again, to search for the next little one, with a happy face and dirty chin. 

[A merry, happy, joyous December. I hope everyone is feeling their best, but if not, my condolences to the rest.]

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry in the Light

[All the packages were wrapped, boxed, and shipped by Monday, so excited to have that done!]

Oh Santa, will we ever be done? There are just so many children waiting for presents to come. I feel I've been wrapping and packing and tying things with a bow and now I'm just frazzled and where are my scissors? I don't know. I've lost them in the workshop and I don't know where, it's because I'm so busy and I don't have time to get a new pair. I want the kids to be happy, for the night to be a success, but I feel we're strapped for time and the workshop is a mess. Can you call in the reindeer and call in the elves and call for all our friends to start emptying the shelves. Bring us the gadgets, the gizmos, and games and I'll wrap them all pretty, I'll wrap them all the same. And then we'll be done, finally done, and then off you can go to deliver every one. 

Yes yes, I will do all those things. I will even wrap presents myself, until the bell rings. Then off I go, into the air one more time, to delivery the presents to each house in line. 

[Six days to go, and a few nights as well, but it looks awfully likely, that Christmas will be swell.]

Monday, December 19, 2016

What'd You Get Me

[It's the elusive question that all ask, but never want to answer. Because you want to surprise someone, it's fun and when you think you've got the IT thing, you want to see the elation hit there face. Obviously, you could really really fail at this, but it's worth it for the chance. The small chance...]

I bought jewels and a dress,
I made a card (I made a mess)
I cooked a dinner and bought wine.
I volunteer complements all the time.
I think of fun things to say.
And then wait for the right time and day.
But I admit I'm at a loss.
At night I turn and toss.
During the day I look and look.
But you'll never know the time I took.
All you see is a small sliver of me.
In the little present you see.
I just hope you understand.
That this present is a symbol of something grand. 
Something special and good.

Now come on, let's go get food. 

[Happy December!]

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bringing the Magic In Crochet Valley

[I realize that some may not believe in Santa and we all may believe in different holidays and really, that's a great thing. Because we all believe and the fun of it being the holidays is all about being hopeful and kind to each other, regardless of various religious or non-religious events. So Happy Thursday, happy December, and Merry new year :) Plus, have fun crocheting :P]

We share a common heritage from one to you to all. And each year we like to celebrate each other, the small ones and the tall. So it's not about the differences or even the things that are the same, but that our caring and generosity are out in full force, and we make that very plain. We give to those in need, be it kids or family or friends, and also to those we don't know, those who's hearts our generosity helps to mend. A feeling of togetherness brings us all together this time of year, and hopefully just hopefully, it will extend to all of next year. So I'll see you at the table where we meet to share some food, and I'll see you at the store, where we buy some fancy goods. And I'll meet you at work or later for lunch today, and I'll meet you later tonight, so we can hang out after a long day. But let's meet up and spend some time, to really remember who we are, and to remind ourselves our differences are good and the space between us, isn't very far.  

[I love me some happy poetry, don't you? Makes you all cheerful and stuff. Happy Thursday friends, have fun sewing in those ends.]

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Looking in the Wrong Places

[I've been having difficulty hiding the presents from the kids. They are very sneaky and I have limited places to hide things...]

You can't hide from me. I'll find you under the tree. Or under the sofa, you'll be as clear as can be. You need to come out, show all you're about. Be free with your wrapping, your glamour you should tout. It's not easy be wanted, not easy at all. But I will find in the end, I will not be daunted. So reveal yourself, and celebrate with me. Because presents need to be opened, to really be free.

Oh presents, wonderful presents,
Sitting under my tree.
I'm so happy, just so happy.
To have you here with me.
Oh presents, wonderful presents,
All unwrapped and opened up
I'm so glad you're what I wanted.
And now let's clean up!

[Only 12 days to go, so close, so far.]

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Bit of Snow in Crochet Valley

[We had a out first dusting of snow the other day. Not like other places that have had foots of snow, but it was enough that we all felt winter upon us.]

There is a flurry on the ground in crochet valley. And there are unhappy critters (I'm taking a tally). There's the owls at house number two, and that bug that has wings and is blue. Ms. Bird was mad when I popped in. She said snow on the ground wasn't reason to check in. And then Mr. Bear, he was laughing a playing without a care. Which annoyed the bunnies and the chicks, they were annoyed and some were sick. 

So there you go, tally done. The count at happy, only one.

But not to worry, it's still early. Come holiday time, they tend to fall in line. And then they're off on an icy slope, while Momma owl yells "Nope Nope Nope!" And the kids all laugh and giggle, while the elephant falls and wiggles. Trying to ice skate, when it's not in his fate. 

A happy time here in crochet valley, When snow this the houses and every ally. And while annoyance comes first, it's glad to see that happiness eventually bursts.

So happy snow day to you and yours, if on two feet or on fours. 

[Happy snow day!! Have fun making snow people and having fun!]

Monday, December 12, 2016

Bringing the Holidays to Work

[I may have a holiday cold, it's just to sad to bare.]

I'm missing the day
I missing the week.
I'm missing the cheerful cries of the meek.

And I'm tired of missing each event, 
Special and new

I'm tired of missing
All the special moments too.

That time when the pie, 
Slipped right out of your hands.
That time when it was hot 
And you had all those fans.
That time when your order
Was all mixed up and wrong.
That time when Uncle Patrick
Introduced us to Uncle Tom.

I want to be there!
In the mix and the fun.
I want to be there,
With everyone.

So that's it,
This is it.
This is really it.
I'm bringing the holidays
To right where I sit.

We'll eat dinner at the desk.
Play games in the hall.
I'm sure no one will notice.
Not anyone at all.

[Holidays are rough, bring some cheer to your work neighbor so near.]

Friday, December 9, 2016

A Count Down Crochet Style

[I feel like all of December is a count down. There are a few holidays, like New Years and then those cool ones between now and New Years, and my niece's birthday. It just keeps going. So whichever one you're counting down to, here's on for you.]

There's only one drink at this party.
Only two entrees on the bar.

There aren't any plates.
And you've put out a tip jar.

The decoration are dusty.
Three mistletoe is too much.
I'm sorry it's impolite,
To decorate with Tiny Tim's crutch.

Four chairs for five guests,
A bathrooms that's locked.
At this rate by midnight,
The road will be blocked.

Six hours of music,
A little much for one night.
Especially when a seventh is planned.
I'm gonna lose it, I just might.

It's Eight and I'm leaving.
I really must go.
I'm headed straight home
To kiss my honey under mistletoe.

[A little pre-holiday fun with my lovely loved one. Happy Friday!]

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Party in Eighteen Days

[A bit too much fun, a bit too much play, but I'll take you over work, any day.]

Two friends in the park. Two hours before dark. Getting ready for adventure. Getting ready for fun, I'd venture. But there's something amiss, something that might wreck their bliss. A little hurdle from the past, they'll need to get over fast. What to do they thought, one was just over-wrought. But then they remembered their rule, no worries, we're cool. So they hugged it out, 'cause that's what friendship's all about. And off they went, with snowballs making their ascent. 

Lesson learned?
Being friends is earned.
Don't worry about being spurned.
Just listen and be concerned.
And bad feelings will quickly be overturned.

Oh, yeah, and the holidays are awesome.
And outdoor games help friendships blossom.

[Lovin' the holidays. So fun for all. I'm really excited y'all.]

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Summer Bee vs Snow

[I have to admit, I'm more of a summer bee. The's just not for me.]

I climb up
There's a wind
And the air is thick.
I need to get through
And quick.
The effort is so great.
I feel sick.
But I climb up.

I climb up
To the highest peak
Where the weather stops
Is where I seek.
I fall in the snow
And feel weak.
But I climb up.

I climb up
For you and all
So that we can win this fall.

I climb up
To find the truth
For you I search and sleuth.

And in the cold
And bitter wind.
I climb up.

To see my friend.
A person in red
With a bushy beard
Just jolly
Not weird.
A friend so happy to see
This little insignificant bee.
And so through the night
And cold day.
I skipped breakfast
Had no time play.
But I climbed up.

On Christmas Day.

[That wonderful bee. Isn't he nice to check on Santa for me? Happy soon-to-be holidays friends!]

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Little Tinsel in Crochet

[The tree is up! The decorations in place. And don't you know, I have a smile on my face.]

Our beautiful tree.
Tall and bright.
Room for tinsel.
And twinkling lights.

Warming our hearts,
Brightening our eyes.
Bringing us together
Those special family ties.

I'm glad we're together.
Decorating this tree.
I have the most fun.
When it's you and me.

[Getting closer friends, only 20is days to go!]

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Bit of Buzzing

[A day, a week, a reason to be off my feet. A toiling away, no time for play. But now, not today.]

There are snow flakes coming.
A cold wind on its way.
A breeziness
That discourages us from play.

But there are scarves for that.
A hat, fuzzy and bright.
So the cold weather won't stop me.
From flying my kite.

Not snow, not hail,
Not heavy wind from the east.
You'll be impressed by me.
I think.

[Happy times friends. Happy December!]

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Crochet Collection of Happy Crochet Fun

[I'm shivering in excitement for Friday.]

Day two of December
A day to remember,
Good tidings from Crochet Valley,
We're happy you're a member.

Twenty-Three days to go.
I admit it's going to go slow.
But remember,
The fun gets better when it's joy we sew.

I'm going to hug my friend,
Buy presents for the plants I tend,
And at work,
I'm going to bring doughnuts in.

And in twenty-three days we'll see
Just what Christmas means to you and me
Presents for all!
One for each, or maybe three.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday In the Snow

[December 1st! So close, so far, presents and family time and har har har!]

Sam was worried and looking around in haste. Mouse was anxious to leave this place. There was something happening and they didn't now what. But their skin was tingling, and there was a 'put, put, put.' A motor? The wind? A monster? A friend? Who could tell, but it was scary, you kin? So off they scampered single file in line, but OH NO it was all for not, they hadn't left in time. Out from the sky, falling with speed, four snow balls completed the deed. A cold icy splash, hit one in the back, a wet icy ball his Sam with a smack. A few silly friends, rolled out from the snow, they were giggling and ticked and cackled like a crow. Sam and Mouse were annoyed for a bit, but then the game was on and the kids ran in a fit. Each made snow balls and tossed them aloft, and they landed on other, not at all a bit soft.

And for hours they giggled, and played in the snow. And they had so much fun, being silly and putting on a great show.

[Happy Happy December!!]
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