Thursday, November 24, 2016

Waiting at the Crochet Table

[I am headed out today for a little turkey with family. I'm sure the stuffing will be great, the turkey delightful, but the family is the best part of all.]

I'm waiting here
Not there, just here.
Where my seat stays warm,
And my vision is clear.

Clear to see the roast get cooked.
Clear to see how everything looked.

The food laid out,
Rolls and butter all about.
A wine glass or two.
Pretty china in blue.
A little child eating pie.
A embarrassed parent sighing "my, my"
A silly aunt sneaking treats.
To the hungry kiddos at her feets.
And a happy father in the back.
Laughing softly at the manners we all lack.

A little time not alone,
Is why I go home.
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