Tuesday, November 1, 2016

One Lone Crochet Pumpkin

[The trick-or-treating was excellent. The Candy selection, bountiful. The kids, adorable. And after it was all said and done. Football.]

Alas sweet friend we've reached the end.
I'm afraid for you, it's the pie or the bin.
I know it's not pleasant,
Not nearly the thing.
But we need to move on, 
When the pumpkin clock rings.
You do have a choice. 
I'll tell you this now.
You can run for it quick
Or you can become tomorrow nights' chow.
Whichever you pick. I need to tell you slick.
I plan on catching you anyway,
Because I'm pretty quick.
But I'll give you a few minutes.
Ten at the most.
To get out of here
And head to the coast.
But I hear they use pumpkin  flavored drinks to toast.

[Happy Halloween for those still celebrating and happy soon to be fall weather! Want to share in the fun? Post some pics of your jack-o-lanterns to the Crochet By Karin Facebook page!]

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