Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Crochet Ode to Chocolate

[It's the end of the month, and my mind's in a frump. I need to beat this crumpf, "how 'bout doughnuts I say with a harrumph." But no, no doughnuts, just yogurt for me. I need to stay cheerful, but only for me.... Ok, hint, sing the poem because it's meant to be sung in kind of a sad sea chantey kind of way.]

Bumm babum
I've got a bit of Chocolate
For everyone.
A bar, a truffle, a kiss or two.
Chocolates make you happy...
When you are blue.

A bit of cherry in the middle
A chocolate bunny to whittle.
A swirl of nugget or two.
Oh Chocolate
Always helps when you're blue.

I've got one hidden away.
Behind a pillow,
In that hotel where I always stay.
And then in the car,
Behind some trash in the back.
A bag of mini bars
And extras in my pack.
Oh Chocolate,
So great for travels.
Oh chocolates,
For when your trip unravels.

Just the smell alone,
Makes feel like you're home.
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