Monday, November 14, 2016

Crochet For Dinner

[The great thing about the holidays is all the family that comes to visit. The worst part about the holidays is all the family that stays to visit.]

We had a few bites for dinner,
A little sandwich for lunch.
We drank coffee and laughed.
But I had a hunch.

They were lingering too long,
Talking a whole bunch.
I was starting to wonder
If there was a hidden message behind each munch.

And come dusk
I knew what they were after,
They were hoping to distract me.
With stories and laughter.

But they weren't leaving,
Not budging an inch.
They were stringing me along.
Each hour, tightening the cinch.

So I did what felt right.
I asked them to stay for the night.
And it turned quite well.
A happy gathering, instead of a fight.

They were very thankful,
And I knew I'd chosen well.
And as a result,
I felt my heart swell.

[Happy soon-to-be holidays! I hope you have lovely family coming to visit!]
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