Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Meeting of Fish

[Post Halloween sadness guys. There's still candy, but now you feel guilty eating it. I wish that gleeful abandon lasted a lot longer than one night. But oh well, there's always Thanksgiving. Remember, we're in the holiday corridor now. It's all family time, pie, and hilarity until Jan 1]

Hey, How's it going?
Did you guys see me at Halloween? I rocked it.
Oh man I was so awesome. Like really really awesome.
And the cape right? The cape so cool.


His cape was cool,
He didn't look the fool.
He was super awesome.
And man, he could rule.

It might've not been THAT good.
With the outfit, I think he misunderstood.
It's not cool to dress up like food. 
But whatever, I guess that was his mood.

He shared his treats with us.

He left us in his dust.

I don't know why you're making such a fun.

He. Nearly. Ran. Over. Us.

That wasn't him, it was a bus.


Halloween was fun.
It was great to be with everyone.
But it's done.
Let's all move on, now run.


[Yeah, there's always that one person. But they usually share the candy so it's all good. Happy Wednesday!!]

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