Friday, November 4, 2016

A Little Crochet Pick-Me-Up

[When you're starting a new crochet project and the instructions are super confusing and has a lot of symbols and your friends tell you just to do something else that easier....]

The sand is hard on my feet.
My soles are beginning to cook in the heat.
I wish I could stop to eat.
By I carry on.

The wind pushes me away.
I move forward each day.
I will not be slowed by dismay
I carry on.

The words filter to my ears.
Someone else's worries and fears.
I can't be swayed by their tears.
I carry on.

A barrier can't hold me back.
It's just another obstacle to attack.
Just something else at which to hack.
I carry on.

I carry on.

[Happy crochet weekend everyone!! I'm at my craft show this Saturday, stop by and say HI!!!]
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