Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Crochet Camping Turkey Gathering

[It's a bit too cold for me, but crochet turkeys like the cold, it makes me feel old, but I'd rather be home by the fire, then cold.]
They gathered to the spot,
Where last year they had argued a lot.
One-by-one they said their piece.
And planned to soon have a feast.
Something nice to celebrate,
Their putting away of their hate.
Friends and family,
One and all,
It's too much of a waste
To fight at all.
So gather they, 
Here and now.
And with happy hearts,
They said "I'm sorry!" with a bow.

[Isn't it nice to reconnect with all your friends over the holidays? I know I'm looking forward to some well earned 'kid time' with my cuties.]
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