Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Snow has Hit

[So really, there is no snow yet where I am. But I know it's snowed in New York and such, so here goes.]

The flakes fell lightly.
The sun shone brightly.
The sheep cried nightly.
The wind was so frightly.

But in the wind and hale and snow.
I saw you playing.
And it cheered me. You know?

It made me believe again,
Of playing with the sheep in their pen.
Of snow fights with you and yen.
And now the snow I will defend.
"Bring it on!" I say to them.
Those bringers of the cold cold wind.

[Brrr, friends. Bring a hat. It's going to get cold outside.]

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Crochet Ode to Chocolate

[It's the end of the month, and my mind's in a frump. I need to beat this crumpf, "how 'bout doughnuts I say with a harrumph." But no, no doughnuts, just yogurt for me. I need to stay cheerful, but only for me.... Ok, hint, sing the poem because it's meant to be sung in kind of a sad sea chantey kind of way.]

Bumm babum
I've got a bit of Chocolate
For everyone.
A bar, a truffle, a kiss or two.
Chocolates make you happy...
When you are blue.

A bit of cherry in the middle
A chocolate bunny to whittle.
A swirl of nugget or two.
Oh Chocolate
Always helps when you're blue.

I've got one hidden away.
Behind a pillow,
In that hotel where I always stay.
And then in the car,
Behind some trash in the back.
A bag of mini bars
And extras in my pack.
Oh Chocolate,
So great for travels.
Oh chocolates,
For when your trip unravels.

Just the smell alone,
Makes feel like you're home.

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Monday Before December

[The inevitable Monday morning when you wake up and there are blue creatures flying around. Crochet creatures, because... why not? ]

I may be blue and not quite new.
But I'm beautiful, if only to you.
I bring you joy, like a brand new toy.
My whimsical features are happily, not a ploy.
Be free, be blue, be happy too.
Just follow my lead, take my cue.
Fly up to the clouds and hover there.
Let your imagination soar without a care.
And in the sunlight remember then,
That you can do anything. Just say when.

[Happy happy Monday! And soon, December, the month where all fun and whimsical things happen..... plus there are presents.]

Friday, November 25, 2016

Post Turkey

[Yes, I'm out shopping. I admit it.]

Dad I bought you out here to say one thing.
You mean everything.

We play fun games,
You tell tall tales.
We run about,
Chasing our tails.

You take me out,
To all the fun places.
We read books together.
And have spirited races.

And at the end of it all
You are always still hear.
To tell me you love me.
And hold me near.

So thanks dad for all you do.
I wouldn't be me.
Without you.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Round the Table We Go

[I made it to dinner, made it to lunch, we ate so early, it could have been brunch.]

All around now,
In case we miss it.
We need to look nice.
In case grandma visits.

Clean dress, clean tie,
No rips, no tie dye.
Brushed hair, brushed teeth,
A little laughter
Before we eat.

Not a snarky word was said.
Not a bad thought in our head.
Just happy hopes and dreams.
That no one says something mean.

Pass the rolls,
Pass the jam,
How 'bout turkey?
Oh yes, ma'am.

And a happy family day.
To you today.
Remember to laugh
and Play
And if they ask to,
Just stay.

Waiting at the Crochet Table

[I am headed out today for a little turkey with family. I'm sure the stuffing will be great, the turkey delightful, but the family is the best part of all.]

I'm waiting here
Not there, just here.
Where my seat stays warm,
And my vision is clear.

Clear to see the roast get cooked.
Clear to see how everything looked.

The food laid out,
Rolls and butter all about.
A wine glass or two.
Pretty china in blue.
A little child eating pie.
A embarrassed parent sighing "my, my"
A silly aunt sneaking treats.
To the hungry kiddos at her feets.
And a happy father in the back.
Laughing softly at the manners we all lack.

A little time not alone,
Is why I go home.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Story of Crochet Turkeys

There once was a turkey,
Tall and proud.
He couldn't fly at all,
But he squawked pretty loud.

He walked through the woods
Quite as can be
He was hiding from you
He was hiding from me.

No one sees the turkey
If they don't want to be found.
That's how they survive
With their tummies so round.

So gather here children,
And listen to this tale
Of a proud little Turkey
Who only ate kale.

Monday, November 21, 2016

My Crochet Friends are Coming

[Off to hang out and explore with friends and family. Hope you're having a wonderful week!]

My friends are coming.
My family too
It makes me thankful
For friends like you.

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Gathering of Crochet

[Family time starts today! I mean, we always have family time, so, Extended Family time!! yeah...]

You uncle and your niece
Your cousin from Greece
Your brother and a friend.
Your sister's boyfriend Ben.
Your grandma and Aunt Betty.
And cute adorable auntie Gretie.
Are all coming to visit very soon!
So please please, clean up your room.
The shoes and the shirts,
Everywhere I look there dirt.
And food in strange spots.
Under blankets, in planting pots.
Just clean it up fast,
We don't have time to last.
And then off we can go
To the corner store.
Because all we need is more more more.

[Happy holiday shopping! I'm getting chicken :P]

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I'm Crochet You Some Thanks

[They ask you what you're thankful for and you want to say "crochet and hooks" but end up saying my children....]

One week to go and I'm making my list.
Of all the things I'd cry if I missed.
Sports and TV and all that jazz,
It's great, but has no pizzazz.
Grandmas and Grandpas!
That's where it's at.
Hanging out, playing, and petting the cat.
Running in the yard with the dog and a friend.
It makes me thankful when each day ends.
School can be GREAT
And sports even better.
When I'm the one batting
And I'm wearing my lucky sweater.
So thank you to you and all and to none.
I've this one covered, so THANK YOU 

[One week to go starting tomorrow! So excited for family, but mostly stuffing and cranberry sauce. mmmm]

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Thanksgiving Journey

[So say it's cold outside and you're really tired, but dinner is about to be served and you've got turkey and stuffing. But then you realize, there's no cranberry sauce. Do you run out because you can't enjoy dinner with out it, or do you just add more gravy and make the best of it? Let me know on the Crochet By Karin Facebook page.]

A journey most fit is just what you're to do
Something arduous, a trek fitting for you. 
A few hills, a valley,
A river or two.
A large expanse with the sky so blue.
And at the end of the journey
Of you special trek.
We'll have a nice fete,
Outside on the deck.

I'll have chips and dip,
Drinks and more.
And if you didn't bring cranberry sauce,
Don't bother knocking on my door.

[Only a week and change left!! Getting excited for Turkey Day!!]

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Crochet Camping Turkey Gathering

[It's a bit too cold for me, but crochet turkeys like the cold, it makes me feel old, but I'd rather be home by the fire, then cold.]
They gathered to the spot,
Where last year they had argued a lot.
One-by-one they said their piece.
And planned to soon have a feast.
Something nice to celebrate,
Their putting away of their hate.
Friends and family,
One and all,
It's too much of a waste
To fight at all.
So gather they, 
Here and now.
And with happy hearts,
They said "I'm sorry!" with a bow.

[Isn't it nice to reconnect with all your friends over the holidays? I know I'm looking forward to some well earned 'kid time' with my cuties.]

Monday, November 14, 2016

Crochet For Dinner

[The great thing about the holidays is all the family that comes to visit. The worst part about the holidays is all the family that stays to visit.]

We had a few bites for dinner,
A little sandwich for lunch.
We drank coffee and laughed.
But I had a hunch.

They were lingering too long,
Talking a whole bunch.
I was starting to wonder
If there was a hidden message behind each munch.

And come dusk
I knew what they were after,
They were hoping to distract me.
With stories and laughter.

But they weren't leaving,
Not budging an inch.
They were stringing me along.
Each hour, tightening the cinch.

So I did what felt right.
I asked them to stay for the night.
And it turned quite well.
A happy gathering, instead of a fight.

They were very thankful,
And I knew I'd chosen well.
And as a result,
I felt my heart swell.

[Happy soon-to-be holidays! I hope you have lovely family coming to visit!]

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Family of Hooters in Crochet

[I have family coming to visit. It'll be wonderful, we'll run out of food...maybe...but it will be wonderful. And mom will make pie, love it.]

We have fun,
My brothers and I
We play in the fields
We fly in the sky
And at night when the chill comes

We hunker all down.
We cuddle and snuggle,

While the moon reaches it's crown.
The sky so big, 
The night so dark.
We wait for dawn to hark.
And then to the skies once more
We go.
And soon to play happily
In the snow.

[I'm looking forward to the family time. Share how you like to crochet with family on the Crochet By Karin Facebook page for a chance to win a free crochet kit, next month we'll be releasing our Elephant kit!]

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

There They Crochet Are

[I just really want pumpkin pie.]

And there they are. Alone at last. Another season ended, the die's been cast. A little pie was made, not some summer squash, if the gourds had played, the game would've been lost. But Pumpkin prevailed against the strength of fall, while some got baked, the pumpkin won it all. 

[right? right. Let's eat pie.]

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall Feelings

[Too true guys, even for the crochet critters.]

Let me tell you what I think. 
I think this stinks.

It's cold outside
The wind blows ice.
It isn't pleasant
Isn't nice.
My toes are frozen,
My lips all chapped.
I feel my happiness
Has been zapped.
I'm headed to town
To complain full out.
I want to know what this Winter
Is all about.
The Mayor needs to know.
Needs to fix this mess.
Or before too long,
We'll be getting, oh gosh, just guess.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Deliberations

[To start the day with coffee or breakfast. You'd think both, but which do you partake of first? Is is the rich delicious flavor and aroma of your first sip of coffee, or is it a mouthful of bliss?]

A sip of bliss,
A bite so true.
It makes my morning bright and blue.

A warm caress, a splash of sweet.
A few eggs and toast.
Nice and neat.

It warms me up,
Brings me calm
Getting me going when it's not quite dawn.

And maybe I'll bring one for you.
Something special,
My own home brew.

And a bagel too.

[Happy Monday!]

Friday, November 4, 2016

A Little Crochet Pick-Me-Up

[When you're starting a new crochet project and the instructions are super confusing and has a lot of symbols and your friends tell you just to do something else that easier....]

The sand is hard on my feet.
My soles are beginning to cook in the heat.
I wish I could stop to eat.
By I carry on.

The wind pushes me away.
I move forward each day.
I will not be slowed by dismay
I carry on.

The words filter to my ears.
Someone else's worries and fears.
I can't be swayed by their tears.
I carry on.

A barrier can't hold me back.
It's just another obstacle to attack.
Just something else at which to hack.
I carry on.

I carry on.

[Happy crochet weekend everyone!! I'm at my craft show this Saturday, stop by and say HI!!!]

Thursday, November 3, 2016

An Arm up High

[I'm pretty for a craft show this week, eek! But no worries, because I have humor and pizzazz to last! And if you're in the MD area, you should come by to see my hats and crochet kits!]

One up, one down.
All smiles, no frown.
That's who they are.
That's them.
Those wonderful
Those friends.

They are the cheer I keep near.
The happy that makes me sappy
The joy that tends to annoy.
Oh yes,
Those friends.

I will cheer for them.
And like a mother hen,
Watch over them.
Because those wonderful people
My friends.

[Ahhh Thursday, the better of the week days. Know why? football tonight]

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Meeting of Fish

[Post Halloween sadness guys. There's still candy, but now you feel guilty eating it. I wish that gleeful abandon lasted a lot longer than one night. But oh well, there's always Thanksgiving. Remember, we're in the holiday corridor now. It's all family time, pie, and hilarity until Jan 1]

Hey, How's it going?
Did you guys see me at Halloween? I rocked it.
Oh man I was so awesome. Like really really awesome.
And the cape right? The cape so cool.


His cape was cool,
He didn't look the fool.
He was super awesome.
And man, he could rule.

It might've not been THAT good.
With the outfit, I think he misunderstood.
It's not cool to dress up like food. 
But whatever, I guess that was his mood.

He shared his treats with us.

He left us in his dust.

I don't know why you're making such a fun.

He. Nearly. Ran. Over. Us.

That wasn't him, it was a bus.


Halloween was fun.
It was great to be with everyone.
But it's done.
Let's all move on, now run.


[Yeah, there's always that one person. But they usually share the candy so it's all good. Happy Wednesday!!]

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

One Lone Crochet Pumpkin

[The trick-or-treating was excellent. The Candy selection, bountiful. The kids, adorable. And after it was all said and done. Football.]

Alas sweet friend we've reached the end.
I'm afraid for you, it's the pie or the bin.
I know it's not pleasant,
Not nearly the thing.
But we need to move on, 
When the pumpkin clock rings.
You do have a choice. 
I'll tell you this now.
You can run for it quick
Or you can become tomorrow nights' chow.
Whichever you pick. I need to tell you slick.
I plan on catching you anyway,
Because I'm pretty quick.
But I'll give you a few minutes.
Ten at the most.
To get out of here
And head to the coast.
But I hear they use pumpkin  flavored drinks to toast.

[Happy Halloween for those still celebrating and happy soon to be fall weather! Want to share in the fun? Post some pics of your jack-o-lanterns to the Crochet By Karin Facebook page!]

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