Friday, October 28, 2016

Three For Trying Crochet Halloween

[We had the trunk or treat tonight and it was SO much fun, really excited. First, it rained. So no truck or treat. But then we set up in the gym and it was super fun, and not rainy! So a win-win.]

On a foggy night
On a road in the dark.
I saw a strange sight.
And it made it's mark.

A whispering sound,
Caught my notice at once.
It was multiple people.
And they were talking a bunch.

Some noises were loud
High pitched and shrill.
One was low
One I knew to be Bill.

I snuck up on them.
As quick as I could
I wanted to see
If they were up to no good.

Bill was seated by a bonfire.
And shivered in the cold. 
There was a car nearby
It looked rusty and old.

One very tall, spoke out just then.
He wanted them to go wondering.
And to cause trouble
In the glen.

But Bill wouldn't agree.
He was happy where he was.
And trouble caused problems.
And they shouldn't go 'Just because.'

So left was Bill,
Sitting all alone.
So I went over to join him.
Instead of going home.

We talked all night
And watched the fire burn down.
And when dawn began to bloom.
We headed for town.

And along the way we ran into
Those two trouble makers.
They'd been throwing eggs
And they'd been caught, those rule breakers!

A nice night for walking
And meeting up with friends.
But don't be up to mischief.
Because you won't like the end.

[Only a few days left! I hope your Halloween plans are in place, awesome, and that they all go as planned. PS. crocheting isn't a bad way to spend the night.]

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