Monday, October 3, 2016

Three Cheers for Crochet

[It rained a lot this weekend, but bright side? I'm pretty much finished on my crochet witch. I might make her a pair of boots (check out the Crochet By Karin Facebook page to vote on that), but otherwise, she is good to go! Which means now I need to write out the pattern all formal like, but I just love it when I see an idea become reality don't you?]

Drip drip drip. That's how the day began.
Raining day and night, a storm headed for land.
The power soon went out, 
The house got quiet and dark.
We shivered in the cold,
My brother swore he saw a shark.
And the drip drip drip,
Continued in the dim.
We cuddled together,
Not letting the cold get in.
Mom told us a story,
While dad rustled up stew.
He cooked it over a fire,
In our den made for two.
The three of us fit,
Mom and dad stood by the door,
We told scary ghost stories,
I laughed when sister begged for more.
The drip drip drip continued all night,
But a warmth that comes from family,
Scared away all our fright.

[A little happy on Monday will keep you going till Sunday. Have a great day!!]
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