Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rhino But You Know

[A little critter, crochet and blue, you see him, but he doesn't see you. Ahh the crochet rhino, the most magical of crochet animals]

Tip toe a little further,
Through the woods I go.
Headed for adventure,
With no one else in tow.
Zipping here and there,
Laughing without care,
Being free
Being me,
Doing what no one dare.
I can't jump too high,
Can't swim too deep,
But I have endurance,
And I don't really sleep.
So off to the horizon,
Where the animals do not go.
I'm headed there today,
What I'll find, I do not know.
But go go go,
Along a winding path,
I may not reach my goal,
But I won't ever be last.

[So run on out there guys, try a new crochet pattern, a new book, a new hiking trail, a new something. And have fun!]

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