Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Pumpkins

[Only about a week left until that special day! I know, it's not my birthday, BUT even better than that - Halloween! Spooky costumes, cute costumes, silly costumes. The squealing of happy kids getting candy and playing games, it just does not get better than that.]

If you ring the bell three times
Spin around just so
And shake your toes 
And your nose
I'll creep up, don't you know

If you throw a tantrum
Sing a silly song
Wrap the trees in TP,
Beat a metal gong

I'll come running
Just to have fun.
I'll come running.
And off we'll run.

Down the hill
Up the stream
In the night
Under the moon's beam.

Off to find trouble,
Off to have fun.
Off for the thrill
Halloween for everyone.

[So excited!! Got your costume? I do!]
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