Friday, October 21, 2016

Kitty Knows Best

[It's 1.5 weeks (less than that!!!) until Halloween and I am keenly excited. The kids have costumes, I'm doing the truck or treat thing, it's wonderful. Plus the grandparents sent candy in the mail! Bliss bliss bliss. Hope you're enjoying the candy, the crochet, and maybe some time in the sun.]

When dad says "let's go hiking!'
It won't be to your liking.
There will be bumps and hills and rocks.
I'd probably pack water and extra socks.
And maybe a flashlight
Just in case.
And maybe some bear mace.
Oh and matches if you can.
Some cookware and a pan.
Some soup.
He say's you're just doing a loop.
Bring a phone,
You can video tape your time alone.

[Happy camping, hiking, outdoors time, and fun!!! And bring yarn and hook cause crochet is awesome. Just saying.]
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